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I had posted back in mid-2009 about our 4 7911's being off by 4 hours, well, I just noticed they are off by 5 hours, but all the 7940' and 60's are perfectly fine.  In the previous post, I was told to look at the telephony-service, which I just compared from our office, to the clients where the issue is, and this is what I see.

If you do a show telephony-service in our office, the line that sticks out is this: "Timezone 12 Eastern Standard/Daylight Time", which is correct.  However, here at the client, the output is:  timezone 0 Greenwich Standard Time", I see no way of modifying this specific setting in CCA.

So I have to questions:  1.)  How can I change that in CLI, and 2.)  Why does that setting only effect the 4 7911's, and not the 35-40 other phones?

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