Ganesh Hariharan Wed, 02/17/2010 - 22:58
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hi all.

i am facing problem regarding the drops of packets on output queue,  i am attachin the output of show interface command, show interface switching, and show buffers.

please help me out guys



Following conclusion can given based on the logs attached :-

  The output drop rate 0.01818 %.

  Try the following things :-

  1. Minimize periodic broadcast traffic like routing and Service Advertising Protocol (SAP) updates (if applicable) by using access lists or by other
  2. Turn off fast switching for heavily used protocols. For example, turn off IP fast switching by using the 'no ip route-cache' interface configuration

and as per the buffer logs

The above symptoms suggest that a buffer leak has occurred.

BUFFER LEAK: When a process is finished with a buffer, the process should free the buffer. A buffer leak occurs when the code forgets to process a buffer, or forgets to free it after. It is done with the packet As a result, the buffer pool continues to grow as more and more packets are stuck in the buffers. Some routers (for example, 2600, 3600,and 4000 Series) require a minimum amount of I/O memory to support certain interface processors.

Not Enough Shared Memory for the Interfaces.

Device is running low on shared memory, even after a reload, physically removing interfaces solves the problem.This could also be a Cisco IOS software bug. Upgrade to the latest version in your release train to fix known buffer leak bugs. For example, if you are running Cisco IOS
Software Release 11.2(14), upgrade to the latest 11.2(x) or some tuniing for buffers can be done check out the below link for more information.

Hope to Help !!

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