Can I use dumplog on a personal computer

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Feb 18th, 2010

I have a customer they sent me a whole batch of .ems files, if I copy dumplog to my personal computer or to another lab icm environment, will it work? thanks

I have this problem too.
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Well just getting the exe and an EMS file did not work. I can run

C:\Temp>dumplog.exe -help
Version: Release , Build 21114
Usage: dumplog [ProcessName(s)] [/dir Dirs] [/if InputFile] [/o]
               [/of OutputFile] [/c] [/bd BeginDate(mm/dd/yyyy)]
               [/bt BeginTime(hh:mm:ss)] [/ed EndDate(mm/dd/yyyy)]
               [/et EndTime(hh:mm:ss)] [/hr HoursBack] [/all] [/last] [/prev]
               [/bin] [/m MatchString] [/x ExcludeString] [/ms] [/mc] [/debug]
               [/ciscoLog] [/help] [/?]

but if I give it a .ems file

C:\Temp>dumplog.exe cmsJServer
EMS library: LoadLibrary failed.  GetLastError() returned 2
Couldn't access Message resource file for Facility Code 0x101. It may not be in your path or the registry path is invalid

Would need to know the EMS library name(s).



applegreen Thu, 02/18/2010 - 08:04

houldThank you, Geoff, I tried, samething happen to me too. it is quite inconvenient, maybe Cisco could think about a way to improve it

david.macias Thu, 02/18/2010 - 12:18

I have a feeling that Cisco's solution to this was the Support Tools server... yeah it would be nice to be able to do this all through the command prompt.  Personally, I wish all the servers were more like Linux servers.  Just CLI over to that server and grep your way into the logs.


Thanks to Sabine Meyer of Bucher and Suter, I know how to do this now.

As I expected, along with dumplog.exe, a couple of DLLs are required from \icm\bin:


Now you can run dumplog.exe from the current directory on a .EMS file in the current directory. It will complain and spit out something like this:

08:55:19 Trace: dumplog: WARNING could not parse 'logfiles' from directory C:\Temp.
08:55:19 Trace: dumplog: Setting component to 'unknown'

but it will work. Not all variants of dumplog work. For example:

C:\Temp>dumplog.exe cmsJServer /of foo.txt

seems to work, gives the message above, but the file is empty. But if you are specific and name the .ems file like so:

C:\Temp>dumplog.exe /if cmsJServer_090628_052137.ems /of foo.txt

then you will get the translated log info in foo.txt. Note that it will refer to node "unknown" like this:

Events from June 28, 2009:
10:21:37 unknown-cmsJServer Initializing Event Management System (EMS) Library.
10:21:39 unknown-cmsJServer Trace: EMS Server pipe ucce1\Distributor\cmsJServerEMSPipe enab....
10:21:39 unknown-cmsJServer Trace: starting java program main method...

Some other dumplog commands work without naming the input file exactly. For instance:

C:\Temp>dumplog.exe cmsJServer /last /o

works fine and produces the text file.

Thanks again to Sabine for helping me with this. I hope other UCCE engineers find this useful.




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