Cleaning the queued calls in the outbound autodialer

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Feb 18th, 2010
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Hi All;

In outbound auto dialer, I have a calls queued and I do not need to do outbound call for it, from where I can remove these calls to avoid trying to do outbound calls for it?

I tried to do delete for all the records existed in the database for the table of the campaign, but still the calls are coming, and I need to clean it, How? From where I can remove it.

Any help?



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For efficiency reasons, the Dialer gets a batch of records to call from the Campaign Manager - the CM marks these in the Dialing_List table with a Call Status of "P" for pending. The Dialer will work through this batch in memory, but there are timing conditions, say the hour to call limit is reached, then after a little while they all go back, where they can be unmarked by the Campiagn Manager.

You may have changed the database, but there could be 20 or so calls in the Dialer memory.

You should really not be fiddling with the Dialing_List.

You may need to experiment here, but if you change the parameters of the Dialer those records in memory will be flushed back to the Campaign Manager and marked as "not attempted" after a while.

What made you suddenly decide that those records should not be called?



bilalghayad Thu, 02/18/2010 - 14:49
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Your kindly help is highly appreciated really.

Actually I did not get how to resolve my problem and finish from those records

About ur question why I decided not to call them: actually we migrated alot of data for testing, and they are bothering us, also it look like that we tried to cancel calling them by click on Reject, but it look like Reject does not remove them, but we need Reject Close. Am correct or not? By the way: maximum number of attempts has been placed 1, but really still the record come back even after we press on Reject button. Any advise? Does Reject Close resolve the problem?

But still I need to say that the dialer full by a lot of numbers, and keep pressing Reject is not a practical way, so how to remove them?

Do u mean I have to keep removing those records that has "P" for pending?

From the other side: we can not set a time to control when the record to be dead and no more need to dial it if was not dialed within specific time? From where to be set?



bilalghayad Thu, 02/18/2010 - 15:20
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Sorry to reply twice, but maybe I started understanding it:

Where to set the time that based on it the dialer will return the records to the Dialing_List and unmarked?

Do u mean by changing the Dialer parameter is to change them in the dialing_list or some other place?

Appreciate your kindly help.



Nathan Luk Thu, 02/18/2010 - 15:42
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Hi Bilal,

Yeh you will need to Reject Close them. Cisco don't like you touching the dialing tables but you will have to if you want to bulk close the records. I did this recently for a client who accidentally loaded a test list into an appending production campaign. I updated all the records in the dialing list table I needed to close with CallResult = '19' and CallStatusZone1 = 'C' (they only have 1 call target zone for this campaign). As Geoff mentioned, this will not affect records already cached in the dialer memory though so may take a little while before they actually clear out.



bilalghayad Thu, 02/18/2010 - 22:07
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Thanks for the help and kindly reply.

So cleaing the dialing list table will be needed, but how to resolve the problem of those loaded in the memory, how can clean them?

Is there a setting time to remove them from memory after some time? Or to be return to the dialing list table after some time?

Your kindly help is highly appreciated.



Edward Umansky Wed, 02/24/2010 - 16:12
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Disable the campaign in configuration manager and the dialer will flush any records it has in memory for that campaign.

bilalghayad Mon, 03/15/2010 - 15:57
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Thanks a lot for all helping.

But still no solution untill now. I even tried to disable the campaign and re enable it, but still old calls are existed and these calls were placed before one month, but still they are coming.

Any help? Can someone give me a method to remove these calls and no more come?




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