Problems connecting two wireless rooters without cable.

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Feb 20th, 2010

How do I set two Roter, if one is already configured.
The other is a  model Edimax BR-6504n.
For the first Roter I know the MAC address and  no password ... I connect with any laptop without the password, I am  interested in someone who knows better to enlighten me.

I know  from the manual that the rooter supports the following options:
AP  Bridge-Point to Point
AP Bridge-Point to Multi Point
AP  Bridge-WDS

And in the MAC section of the AP Bridge-Point to Point  I put the MAC of the first rooter, and here is the problem cause I do  not know the channel of the first rooter. Is there a program or  something that find the channel.

I have access only to the second  rooter.
And it is important what options to set so that i reduce the  number of combination to try when i put the channel.
What option  should I put to the LAN? to make the ip different from the first rooter?
IP  of first rooter: I think this are the range ip of the  first rooter.
Should I put the second rooter IP in another range like  192.168.1.*.* or leave it to 192.168.2.*.*?

The problem is that I must link them wireless not by wire.

So how do I connect the second rooter to the first so that I can extend the range of the wireless.

For those interested, here is found the user  manual.  ... 2&pl1_id=1

Or just download the attached file.

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Leo Laohoo Sat, 02/20/2010 - 00:51

Won't work.  Wireless bridge will only work when you deal with Cisco-to-Cisco AP.  Won't even work when you have Cisco-to-Linksys.

mielusoru Sat, 02/20/2010 - 01:12

In this mode, you canconnect your wireless rooter with another, to combine two access points and expend the scope of the wireless network, and all clients of two wireless rooter will think they'rw on the same physical network.....etc see the image below.

So i think it must work...but i du not know how to config them.

Look in this section.


Leo Laohoo Sat, 02/20/2010 - 03:28

Let me know if you get this working.  You're not the first to ask this question and as recent as this week or last, I saw someone get the same answer from Cisco.


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