Upgrade from ICM 6 to 7 (TR) -- Domain conversion tool / UMT

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Feb 22nd, 2010
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Hi, we are currently upgrading from 6 to 7.0 and subsequently to 7.5 (TR, new hardware, new domain, new instance).  So far we've staged our W2k3 domain and all the other soon to be ICM servers.

I'm currently trying to migrate the domain users and it tells me that I need to use the Domain Conversion Tool to go migrate the domain users from 6 to 7. (Staging guide chpter 4)

I can't find any documentation on the Domain Conversion Tool, when I run the executable I can see the different triggers (below) but that's it.

I've done an export and gotten a file but what next?

Do I do a convert now?

is the convert going to change my production database?

I'm also reading that the Domain Conversion Tool was replaced by the UMT (for 7.0 to 7.+).

Or should I now use the UMT and point it to my export file?

Im afraid to run the convert and and messing up my Rogger sideA database?

Has anybody use this tool?

any tips and or documentation is appreciated.  Thanks


The syntax of this command is:

DomCvt.exe /DB:dbname /F:filename /M:mode [/OD:old domain name]

          [/ND:new domain name][/P:password]

   /DB:dbname           Specifies the database name to operate on (e.g. cust1_sideA)

   /F:filename          Specifies the full path of the file to import or export to

   /M:mode              Indicates export mode or convert mode

                         E  Export mode

                         C  Convert mode

The following switches are only needed in Convert Mode:

   /OD:old domain name  Specifies the old domain name to convert from in NetBIOS form (e.g. MyDomain)

   /ND:new domain name  Specifies the new domain name to convert to in NetBIOS form (e.g. MyDomain) or DNS form (e.g. MyDomain.mycompany.com)

   /P:password          Specifies the default password to be set for all the users in the new domain

Use quotation marks when there are spaces in the file name or password

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jedellerby Tue, 02/23/2010 - 09:48
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From the 7.x(y) Staging Guide: 


Common Steps Required before Migrating any ICM Component

On the Domain Controllers:

Confirm that Domain Controllers have been upgraded from NT Domain to Windows 2000Active Directory

On the CallRouter Server:




If moving a CICM with SideA and SideB disable the Configuration changes on bothsides.

On the Logger server:


Copy the Domain Conversion Tool (DomCvt.exe) from the ICM 5.0(0) or ICM 6.0(0) Third-PartyTools CD as applicable (Domain Conversion Utility folder) onto the Logger server.


Export the ICM user list using the DomCvt tool using the following command:

domcvt /DB:<instancename>_sideA /F:c:\DomConvert\userlist.txt /M:E.


And then lower down in the guide:



On the Logger server:

Step 18

Run the Domain Conversion Tool to convert the ICM users exported earlier, using the followingcommand:

domcvt /DB: <instance_name>_sideA /F:c:\DomConvert\userlist.txt /M:C /OD:<old_domain_netbios_name> /ND: <new_domain_netbios_name>


You can use the /p option to create a global password. If you do not use the /p option,the password is reset to null.

I'm looking to run this myself shortly. The only caveat with this info is that its extracted from the section related to ICM5 and migration from multiple to single forest ... so possibly not the correct info. However, there's not much documentation on this as you've seen!


Voiceops SSC Tue, 02/23/2010 - 10:15
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Thanks for the reply, last night after posting this I tried the Export and  the Convert but it didnt work (see output below).

I have a couple of questions:

1. Does ICM need to be installed in the servers before running this?

2. Can I just import the users using Active Directoy tools and the exported csv file?

We're doing a Technology Refresh (new hardware, new W2K3 single-forest, single-domain, etc) Our goal is to get to 7.5 with CVP 7.x but first we need to get to 7.0 to be able to jump to 7.5.  We are currently running 6. We have a Rogger (Router / Logger) which is also our DC for the W2K active directory domain.

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this is the output when I run it on the Ver7 DC:

C:\CiscoUtils\domaincnvtool>domcvt /DB:xxx_sideA /M:C /F:ssc_ver6.txt /OD:xxxx /ND:xxxx
Unable to open CurrentVersion key in the registry.  Make sure that the database
name is correct and that the instance is installed

and this is what I get on the our ver6 Rogger:

D:\CiscoUtils\domaincnvtool>domcvt /DB:xxx_sideA /F:xxx_ver6 /M:C /OD:xxxx /ND:xxxx /P:123123

Unable to open CurrentVersion key in the registry.  Make sure that the database name is correct and that the instance is installed


jedellerby Tue, 02/23/2010 - 10:32
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I've not run the tool, although do plan to.

I believe you need to install ICM, run through the Domain Manager setup and then run the domcvt import phase.

See these links in series:



Take a look at the Logger Technology Refresh Upgrade: Side A/B section of the Upgrade Guide Cisco ICM/IPCC Enterprise & Hosted Editions and you'll see the domcvt section is towards the end of the Logger install.

I'd be doubtful you could import via AD users.



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