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Feb 23rd, 2010

Hello All,

I have been having series of error on my CiscoWorks Server. It all started when I noticed this error message DCR Server is down or inaccessible. With some information I got on this forum, I changed some services startup to Manual but I am still having errors as shown in the CS screenshot in the attachment.

I'll appreciate if I could be helped out and get the Server running very well.

Thank you in advance.

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Joe Clarke Wed, 02/24/2010 - 18:42

To which errors do you refer?  I don't see anything fatal in these screenshots.

justserve Thu, 02/25/2010 - 05:52


Thanks for your response. I am new to CiscoWorks, do you mean that everythin is OK?

Anyway, I am referring to errors in the Critical Message Window especially the processes that are not running. How do I ensure that they are running?

Also I noticed the following:

1. I am no longer receiving Alerts in the DFM

2. The Device status for all the devices in the Device Discovery is LEARNING. That's how it's been for more than 2 days.

3. Ocassionally the DCR Server is down or inaccessible comes up.

Joe Clarke Thu, 02/25/2010 - 17:20

The processes which are down should be down in normal operation.  This is not a problem.

It sounds like there may be some other issues with DFM.  If the devices remain in a Learning state, at what percentage are they in the learning process?

justserve Mon, 03/01/2010 - 03:18

Hello Joe,

All the devices are still in the learning state till now. The percentage remains 10%.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

justserve Tue, 03/02/2010 - 00:47


I really appreciate your assistance so far.

I'll like to mention this which I have noticed in the last 3 days. In addition to the device discovery issue, I have to restart the HP server machine on which the CiscoWorks is installed in the morning before I can to access/login to CiscoWorks application. The operating system is Windows Server 2003.

Also, prior to the device discovery hanging at 10%, the devices were properly discovered with status KNOWN and alerts are being generated for devices. Could you please explain further the reason for the upgrade to DFM 3.0.4

Thank you in advance.

Joe Clarke Tue, 03/02/2010 - 11:50

There are two bugs in the version of DFM you have.  One causes DFM to eat up all of the available network buffer space which can crash any network application on the server.  The other bug is one where devices drop out of Known status.  They go back into learning.  If the first bug was fixed, they would then move to Questioned.  But because of the first bug, they hang at 10%.

justserve Wed, 03/10/2010 - 09:11


The upgrade works! Thanks for your support. You're a good man.

However, I have 4 of the discovered devices not known. 2 of them stucked at 40% discovery stage while the other 2 reported SNMP time out. Any clue to getting them to known state?

Once again, thank you!

Joe Clarke Wed, 03/10/2010 - 11:31

SNMP Timeout may mean just that.  Use a sniffer to see if DFM is polling the devices with the correct SNMP credentials.  If you are using SNMPv3, you may be seeing a deviec bug where the SNMP engine IDs are duplicated.  This will cause DFM to poll with incorrect v3 attributes, and lead to a timeout problem.

A device stuck at 40% means DFM is trying to poll it, and manage it.  Debugging this will involve running some CLI commands against the DFM servers.  If you open a TAC service request, they can walk you through the required steps.


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