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Using SFE2010 switches in both single mode and stacked mode. Want to config switch using saved tftp's config. I set up basics of switch including some nominal VLANs. Then save the running-config via tftp. Then I edit the rest of the ports for their desired VLANs and upload the edited file to the switch via tftp. The file loads the correct VLANs to the correct ports but reports a loading error. Can't find the error anywhere. Is it really important or is it just a CheckSUm error caused by the edited config file?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I find that editing the config file after saving it greatly expedites the configuring of the switch rather than using the Web interface. Is there a more complete guide on what you can and can't do with the saved config file for changing the switch?

Gil Brezler

[email protected]

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alissitz Tue, 02/23/2010 - 09:12
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Hello and good afternoon,

Can you upload the error?

Can you also upload the saved and then the  desired config file?  Please remove any details that you would not want to share with this community.  I would like to give it a looksee.

Kindest regards,


Andrew, thanks for responding. Here are two files. The Before Edit file is the one where I set some VLANs directly on the switch on the first and last port in a series. Then I save the file to my laptop and edit it creating the After Edit file. You can see that the only change is that I have included more ports in the VLAN configuration. When I upload the After Edit file back to the running-config of the switch I get a load with an error note. But the VLAN changes I made are stored in the running-config and the switch seems to work OK. I am really puzzled as to why the error and what is causing it.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated....


alissitz Wed, 02/24/2010 - 11:49
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Not sure exactly if this is the problem, however the 'After' file contains hyphens (-) instead of commas (,) for the interface ranges listed for the switchport acess. Might be some overlap with these values as well.

This syntax error might keep the file from being used.

Can you compare the two files and edit your after file?  Try again?

Kindest regards,

Andrew Lissitz

Andrew, the reason for the hyphens rather than the comma is when a VLAN is placed on a range of contiguous ports, the span of ports are shown as 1-22 for all port from 1 to 22 inclusive. The Before Edit file is the one where I marked the range by adding the VLAN to the 1st and last ports in the range. Then, rather than sit and do the VLAN assignment to the ports one at a time, I simply edited the range by replacing the comma with a hyphen.

If I take the time to edit the VLAN to Port assignment by had from the Web interface, and then download and save the file, it comes with hyphens where the VLANs span a set of contiguous ports.


alissitz Wed, 02/24/2010 - 12:14
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Yes, I figured this much, but this is what caught my eye as a difference.

Another bit of config difference is in the ranges:

interface range ethernet 1/e(3-8)
switchport access vlan 21


interface range ethernet 1/e(19-47),2/e(1-47)
switchport access vlan 23

This seems to be an odd way to represent the configs IMO, with a 1/e and then a 2/e ...

None the less, the 2/e in the 'Before' file is not a range.  I am not sure if this is an issue.  You might try the 'After' file without this second config change using a hyphen, perhaps keep it w/ a coma for a test.

On another note, are you creating a 'cookie' cutter install?


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