Import VSA using RDBMS on ACS SE 1113 v4.2

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I need to import a VSA for a Nortel Oprtera 3500. The manual says to create a accountaction.csv file and import it with RDBMS. The only examples I see for creating an accountaction.csv file is to add user, group and device information. Does anyone have an example, or know the format of the csv file to import VSA's?



I have this problem too.
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darpotter Wed, 02/24/2010 - 03:23

Assuming I wanted to add a string type VSA called MYCO-VSA-1 with VSA id 1 for MYCO whose IANA assigned vendor Id was 820 I'd do something like this:




,,,353,,820,1,IN OUT,,,,,


Action 350 creates a new VSA vendor at slot 1 (ACS has 10 slots for user defined vendors)

Action 352 creates a new VSA for a user defined vendor

Action 353 sets the profile type to "in out" ie the attribute may be in inbound and outbound packets. The "out" will allow you to set values in an ACS group config.

Action 355 causes a partial re-start within ACS to load the new config

There are also integer and enumerated VSA types. enumerated is nice because you can list specific allowed values which are displayed in a drop-down by the ACS group/user edit pages.

Once you've done this, goto interface config to enable the new stuff, then it will showup under group/user edit etc.

Full docs online

Good luck! for all your ACS reporting needs

t.waibel Wed, 02/24/2010 - 07:15


i have succesfully imported VSA Settings for the Vendor Huawei on ACS SE 1112 v4.0:


Now i want to do the same on our new ACS SE 1113 v4.2 (124).
But every time when i start the RDBMS synchronization
nothing happens. RDBMS synchronization is selected in
Interface Configuration/Advanced Options.

Does anybody can help me?

Best regards
Torsten Waibel


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