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Feb 24th, 2010

Hi all,

Hi have a solution with PFR with two master controller in hsrp mode and two active border controller, betwen the MC and the BR i'm running EIGRP. The two BR have BGP to the ISP but i have default router for the parent route. Same weeks ago i notice some problems in reaching to specific public ip addr. During the trobleshooting i found that the two border controller have dynamic-pbr applyed to the inside interfaces and one of the satement on the dynamic route-map is setting the next-hop for the destination public ip addr yhe inside interface on the two border routers. This way the traffic is looping betewn the two BR. It's possibel do disable the PIRO (PBR) and only to use static route injection betwen the MC and BR.

The routers are running 12.4.24T

Many thanks

I have this problem too.
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I too would like to know how to disable this feature: the dynamic PFR PBR overrides static policy already configured on the "Inside" interface on a border router with the syslog message: 

%POLICY API-4-POLICY OVERRIDE: Dynamic policy overriding static on intf:FastEthernet0/1 

which makes the whole PfR totally useless to me, as I need the static PBR policy on the interface.

Adding to confusions, quote from PfR official FAQ :


Q. Where and how are PfR Dynamic Route-Maps applied? Over which interface, internal or external, will the Dynamic Route-Maps be applied on 

A. PfR Route-Maps will be applied onto the External Interfaces...


Which does not make any sense to me at all.  

IOS  Version 15.0(1)M


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