Routing Outbound Calls to specific agents based on BAAccountNumber

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Feb 24th, 2010

hi guys...

i need some help trying to figure this out... the subject i mean...

i have an ucce 7.5 with ccm 7.0 and ip ivr 7.0

i have a request from the customer to route calls to specific agents based on the BAAccountNumber in outbound campaigns.

The customer has a contact list import that has multiple entries with the same AccountNumber. During the campaigns they want all the contacts with the same AN to be routed to the same agent...

i've been reading up on this but haven't found any info about how to make this work or if it is even possible so any help would be appreciated

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Edward Umansky Wed, 02/24/2010 - 16:03

So do you mean, the first record attempts to reach any available agent, then subsequent calls with the same AN should remember what agent was selected and route to that same agent? Or do you mean that the account number should strictly identify which agent can handle the calls, even on the first attempt?

Kenan Muharemagic Wed, 02/24/2010 - 23:54

what you said first... the first record would choose any available agent and subsequent calls with the same AN should remember what agent was selected and route to that same agent...

Kenan Muharemagic

Recro-Net d.o.o.


It does not appear to me that this is possible. The campaign identifies the associated skill group, and the ICM routing script uses that skill group to send the reservation call. Although you can see the value of the BAAccountNumber, I'm not sure if you would want to branch on it.

As a long shot, it may be possible to have a skill group for each agent in addition to the skill group in the campaign, and have the reservation script branch on the account number and use the appropriate skill group. Nah, probably not.

You could certainly have individual campaigns with individual skills (per agent) and a dialing list with the one type of account number - but you may as well just give the agent a list of customers to call and have the agent do so manually.

A Dialer is a process to automate the outbound calling of a list of customers by a group of agents, dealing with non-answering customers, rescheduling and retrying, and distributing the load fairly among the agents in the group. It appears that your customer wants to have it be something else.



Edward Umansky Thu, 02/25/2010 - 06:41

You can't see accountnumber in the reservation script so there really is no way to do this with the built-in software. The other problem is the ICM dialer does not have logic to process one record based on the results of another record. Each record is treated as a separate entity with it's own retry logic. If instead you used a single record for the customer, the agent could then reschedule the call for themselves using the PersonalCallback feature. That way you could do something similar to what you are attempting. Outside of that you would need some customization or third-party software to manage your records.


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