NAT from outside to inside

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I have a NAT question

I have a cisco 1811 router connected to a customers network via a serial lan.

The Cisco 1811 is connected to my core via VPN.

The serial lan is setup at NAT outside and it's ip  is

The 1811 has a network that is set as NAT inside

The customer is sending data to me from a server with ip address

Is it possible to NAT the address to a address?

I cannot change the NAT designations on the interfaces because I am already doing several inside source static nats to make servers on the network appear on their net as 192.168.100.x devices.

Also, I already have a vpn setup with another customer who is using the address, so I need to NAT this customers ip to something else, preferebly in the ip space that is already permitted in the vpn.


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