External calls have serious noise problems on UC520

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So this week our phones have started having some serious noise problems when calling outside of the office.  The phones sound like when you get too far from your radio station, lots of white noise and static, and a little buzzing as well.  The problems are intermittent, and can range from barely noticable to severe, where the entire conversation is undecipherable.  On top of that, it is apparently only on our end that there is the noise.

Our phone providers say the problem isn't with them.

I've reloaded the UC520 but no joy.

I've taken the phone connections out of the UC520 and connected them one by one to an analog phone.  I "think" I noticed some static doing that operation on one connection.  I also thought it might be one one of the ports.  I disconnected from that port and from that one line, but that disabled all incoming calls.  Now I'm not entirely positive there was a noise problem with that line or that port, because it wasn't very noticable.

I'm out of ideas and I don't even know what else to do about this problem.  If anybody has any thoughts or suggestions, I would be glad to try them.



I have this problem too.
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