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Feb 28th, 2010


i bulied a script for send contact detail to a crm url i have a contact center express 5 with limted license for http.

i have only http include on the crs editor can i use this option for send the url to the crm?

thank you

I have this problem too.
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Anthony Holloway Wed, 03/03/2010 - 20:30

Please clarify what you mean by send a URL.

I am thinking you are referring to HTTP POST or GET, but cannot assume.

natan.kasav Thu, 03/18/2010 - 06:09

i need when incoming  call get in the csq to notify the crm server by sending url to the server with the parameter of the new call,

the devloper of the crm team will take this parameter and user it to make popup to the client.

Easy to do from the client when the call is presented - try a HTTP workflow in CAD. If this works for you, the integration will be easy.

Otherwise, are you trying to reach out to a web service in the script to obtain info that you then pack into enterprise variables to display to the agent. A very different integration.



natan.kasav Thu, 03/18/2010 - 06:26


i need to this on the script to send a url to crm with this parameter .

Let's look at this way.

Inside your script you have access to some parameters regarding the call (you don't say what you want to use, but I suppose it's the ANI) and you want to look up a database. You would use the DB Steps and query the DB, get some info back, pack these into call variables for presentation to the agent or use the info to control the routing - the CSQ used etc.

Does that make sense?

But instead of a database, you have a Web service. Typically this means you either send a GET with a query string (name=value pairs) and get back an XML document which you parse, or you create an XML document and do a POST, getting back an XML document that you parse. Are you still with me?

Is this what you want to do? Would you do a GET or a POST?



natan.kasav Thu, 03/18/2010 - 08:25


i will explain my requirements.

i need to send in url or web-service to crm server the following details:

calling number


new call or handle call .

what that will happen is this steps:

1. incoming call

2. the uccx script will send url to crm with the details:calling number , telephony-id and if its a new call or handeld call.

3. on the crm server should jump popup wirh my details.

so my qustion is how can i send url when the crm do Get.

what i should do to retrive this parametres to the crm.

thank you

natan.kasav wrote:

3. on the crm server should jump popup wirh my details.

so my qustion is how can i send url when the crm do Get.

what i should do to retrive this parametres to the crm.

thank you

"popup with my details" - then you need to do this from the client, from CAD, on the agent's machine. Not from your script.

This is well explained in the CAD document. Many people are doing this.



natan.kasav Sat, 03/20/2010 - 15:41


i have the ipcc premium edtion

there is any way to do the transfer of the detils without the CDA?

i cannot make any try on the script that will do the "create url document" with the calling number and transfer this detail to the crm on web-service or url?

thank you

you could create a custom Java class that can take details from the call, construct a query string, send an HTTP GET to a well-known URL, parse the XML document that is returned, extract the details and set enterprise variables that would be seen on the CAD Agent Desktop. You could then use the Expression Editor to call your custom Java class. You would need pretty decent Java skills to do this (start with the Apache HttpClient class).



natan.kasav Sun, 03/21/2010 - 00:09


thank you for your professional answer's

can you please tell me what are the step's i need to do on my script to transfer thos detils to the web on the crm?

its should be send url doc ?

thank you

Anthony Holloway Mon, 03/22/2010 - 08:08

So far, from I have been reading, you would not need to use pure Java code to accomplish this task.  Of course, I'm not sure I understand fully, what it is that you are asking, but perhaps we can take it one step at a time and guide you.

Try this in a test script and active debug it (F10 key):


// Replace the X's with a real phone number

String calling_number = "XXXXXXXXXX"

// Replace this url with the actual URL your CRM uses to receive GET requests for this application

String url = "http://crm_server/api?calling_number="

String http_response = null



http_response = URL[url + calling_number]


When you run this, you should be able to look at the http_response variable and see the output from this HTTP GET call to the web server.

natan.kasav Mon, 03/22/2010 - 09:50

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for answering me

When i try the script i get error from the phone that prompts:"I'm sorry we are currently experiencing system problems."

the script is :


Send Http Response


is this the correct way or i missing somthing?

Thank you

Anthony Holloway Mon, 03/22/2010 - 10:00

That is because you tried to Reactive Debug the script.  You simply need to press F10 while in the editor to get the Active Debug started.  I know the terminology is confusing, just understand that you don't need to call this script in order to test it.

natan.kasav Thu, 03/25/2010 - 04:04


i try this and i get error:

send http respose:http contact invaild

i have attached the script.

i try differnt ways to put the url.

i see that if i just put this url "http://crmappdev/effect.crm.telephony/pages/ActionsManager/RegisterCallLog.aspx?phonenumber=123456&telephonyid=123456&status=1" on the explorer in the crm i can see that somtething get inside.

so this url is working for the crm and its correct i try your test and i also try my url both of them gave me the error.

thank you

natan.kasav Mon, 03/29/2010 - 01:19


Yes when i try from the browser of the uccx its work with the same link that i try to put on the script.




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