[SOLVED] MGCP: I have to hang up twice to a call be finished

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Feb 22nd, 2010
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I have a problem with a router 1760 using it as a Media Gateway.

It has the following IOS version: IOS (tm) C1700 Software (C1700-SV8Y7-M), Version 12.3(2)XA, EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Problem is as follow: I do a call and it goes well, but when I hang up the phone the first time, the call is not being finalized. Using a mgcp debug I get:

*May  7 07:47:25.356: mgcpapp_process_mgcp_msg : socket drained.
*May  7 07:47:25.356: aaln/S0/SU2/0 <VOICE>mgcpapp_process_ccapi_ev CCAPI event=11-CC_EV_CALL_DISCONNECTED  state=CALL_ACTIVE  major=11-EV_ON_HOOK  minor=32-   pkg=64
*May  7 07:47:25.356: aaln/S0/SU2/0 <VOICE>mgcp_process_on_hook: callp=0x81A4C908 call_id=17
*May  7 07:47:25.356: mgcp_cr_and_init_evt_node:$$$ the node pointer 82AC57A8

*May  7 07:47:25.356: aaln/S0/SU2/0 mgcp_insert_node_to_preprocess_q:$$$enq to preprocess, qhead=82AC57A8, qtail=82AC57A8, count 1, evtptr=82AC57A8- on hook = 0
*May  7 07:47:25.356: mgcp_process_mgcp_internal_media_events: Not an internal event


If I off-hook after that, the call is active. Once I hang up the telephone again, call is finished properly and during debug I got the following:

*May  7 07:59:50.526: mgcpapp_process_mgcp_msg : socket drained.
*May  7 07:59:50.526: aaln/S0/SU2/0 <VOICE>mgcpapp_process_ccapi_ev CCAPI event=11-CC_EV_CALL_DISCONNECTED  state=CALL_ACTIVE  major=11-EV_ON_HOOK  minor=32-   pkg=64
*May  7 07:59:50.526: aaln/S0/SU2/0 <VOICE>mgcp_process_on_hook: callp=0x81A4C908 call_id=6
*May  7 07:59:50.526: mgcp_cr_and_init_evt_node:$$$ the node pointer 829CF3B8

*May  7 07:59:50.526: aaln/S0/SU2/0 mgcp_insert_node_to_preprocess_q:$$$enq to preprocess, qhead=829CF3B8, qtail=829CF3B8, count 1, evtptr=829CF3B8
*May  7 07:59:50.526: mgcp_endpt_is_packet_cable_supported endpt aaln/S0/SU2/0
*May  7 07:59:50.526: aaln/S0/SU2/0 send_mgcp_notify_msg: voice_if 81A644A0, obs_evt_q_ptr 829DA1E8,complete_endpt aaln/S0/SU2/[email protected]
*May  7 07:59:50.526: aaln/S0/SU2/0 mgcp_get_ca_addr_port: Used addr from endpt CA
*May  7 07:59:50.526: aaln/S0/SU2/0 mgcp_enq_retx_msg: trans_id 19,ntfy_ent
*May  7 07:59:50.530: mgcp_add_trans_id_rec: Add trans id (19, 821C4038) record
*May  7 07:59:50.530: mgcp_stw_timer_start timer type 0, duration 500


This second time the gateway notifies to media gateway controller that the call has finished. I don't understand why in the first case it doesn't send it also.

Do you have any idea? I can add more information about configuration or debug traces if needed.

Thank you very much.


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markbatts Fri, 02/26/2010 - 02:25
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I am assuming you are using this with Callmanager.I have never seen this issue before but first of all i would make sure you have a proper voice IOS version on the Router before you start any further diagnostics. I noticed you have 12.3(2) XA change this to a main line IPVOICE code first.



seaman0555 Fri, 02/26/2010 - 06:42
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It sounds like a bug, I haven't run into this but also haven't used a 1760 for a gateway.  Try a different IOS or get TAC involved.  You might also make sure the local CO doesn't have an issue with call disconnects.

sodeticsl Mon, 03/01/2010 - 00:48
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I already found a workaround for that.

It seems that for some strange reason, the Controller didn't ask the Gateway to notify on-hook events.

I have just configured mgcp persistent onhook and it works properly right now.

Thank you very much.


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