UCCX CAD Report Data Source?

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I have a situation where I want to hide some information from the report that the agents can see from thier CAD.

I know how to create custom Historical reports and also how to manipulate the Stored Procedures for those but I want make a minor change to the data the agents see in their CAD report. I am lookinf to alter the "Agent Call Log" on the CAD in particular.

Does anyone know how the CAD gets its data for these reports? Is there a Stored procedure or is this data somehow stored in memory?

My customer is telling me that a previous vendor was able to manipulate it an I didnt think it could be so any help anyone could give me is greatly appreciated...


I have this problem too.
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Aaron Harrison Wed, 03/03/2010 - 05:26


The data in the CAD and CSD reports doesn't come from SQL, so it's not possible to edit it there... as far as I'm aware there is no way to edit it.



Aaron Harrison Wed, 03/03/2010 - 08:03


Sounds feasible - not sure how long it would keep the stats if they were just in memory... I guess there are two ways to find this out:

1) Restart UCCX, and see if you still have 7 days of history (intrusive)

2) Run a SQL Profiler trace, and open the report in CAD... see if you can see any likely named procedures being executed...



Aaron, thanks for the SQL Profiler suggestion. I had an agent select a bunch of reports.

Here is what I found in the Profiler...


declare @P1 int

set @P1=150250

exec sp_prepexec @P1 output, NULL, N'SELECT dcServerID, dnGlobalID, dnCallStartTime, dnCallEstabTime, dnCallStopTime, dcUserID, dnUserType, dcUserExtension, dcUserTeam, dcUserWorkFlowGroup, dnCallID, dfCallAnswered, dnCallDirection, dnCallQueueID, dcCallWrapupData, dcCalledPartyName, dcCalledPartyNumber, dcCallingPartyName, dcCallingPartyNumber, dcEnterpriseCallData, dcEnterpriseCallHistory, dcGenericCallData FROM FCRasCallLogWeek WHERE dnCallWDay = 3 and dcUserID = N''Agent1'' ORDER BY dnCallStartTime'

select @P1


So it looks like it does make a SQL call to a Stored Proc by simply passing the SQL statement but I dont think I can manipulate it.

Also, as an FYI, it calls the FCRasSvr instance and NOT the db_cra instance.

Thanks again Aaron



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