Contact Centre reporting agents are dropping out of some of the skill groups

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Mar 3rd, 2010
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Contact Centre is reporting that their agents are dropping out of some of the skill groups they are assigned to, so calls no longer go to those members of staff, and we are not sure of what would be causing this.

Is there any log which shows skill group configuration changes?

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Aaron Harrison Wed, 03/03/2010 - 05:37
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Unless you are using some third party tools to make the changes, the only way that skills can be changed is via the AppAdmin web pages.

These are logged to the MADM logs in C:\program files\wfavvid\log\MADM.

They can be quite verbose, but you can generally work out who has done what if you stare at them long enough.



bathula.srinivas Wed, 03/03/2010 - 08:18
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Thanks for your reply.

Apologies, I have not mentioned it earlier this for Enterprise environment (IPCC 7.5) and not for Express.



Yes, the subject line should state UCCX or UCCE. I see a lot of posters are doing this now, (they probably were annoyed with my constant harping) and they are to be praised.

Onto your problem - there are only two ways an agent's skill assignments can be changed:

1. using the Config Tool on an AW (Distributor AW or Client AW)

2. using Dynamic Reskilling

You can see the config changes by querying the logger. If there is not too much Config churn going on, this may indicate what is happening.

This SQL query looks back one day.

select DateTime, TableName, LogOperation
from Config_Message_Log
where DateTime > DATEADD(dd, -1, getdate())
and TableName is not null
and TableName <> 'ICR_Locks'
and TableName not like '%_Scrip%'
order by DateTime desc

If you see changes in TableName t_Skill_Group_Member you will know what is happening.



david.macias Wed, 03/03/2010 - 17:52
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If you have agent reskilling available to supervisors, I would change all their passwords, it's possible an agent got a hold of one and is playing around with the skilling.


bathula.srinivas Thu, 03/04/2010 - 06:15
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Many thanks for your reply.

All supervisors will use the Reskilling tool to make changes. Is it possible to also know who made the changes?



Correct Answer

No. The ICM database table does not have that.

You may be able to apply extended logging to the Tomcat application server providing dynamic reskilling on the AW.

Do you believe there is something wrong with the system or that your problems are caused by humans?



bathula.srinivas Thu, 03/04/2010 - 07:14
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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your post.

What I'm really interested is to find what the problem is exactly and how it started.

I'm still not sure whether it happening becuase of the system or if someone is playing with the reskilling tool or played with the reskilling tool.

Is there any way to trace this out ?




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