How to free DSP resources on CME for hardware conference?

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Mar 4th, 2010

I'm having trouble freeing DSP resources for hardware conference option.

The platform is UC520, CME4.2 with 12.4(11)XW7 IOS.

It has following built-in interfaces: 4FXO, 4FXS, 1MoH

It also has a PRI wic.

I'm using just the 2 FXO channels and 12 chanels on PRI card.

In this case 24 channels are used on DSPs (the sys. has 2 DSPs=32ch,

12 used for ISDN, 2 for MoH, 4 for FXS and 4 for FXO),

and I need one hole DSP for hardware conference.

I can shut down the unused FXO and FXS interfaces, but I got the

information that shutting them down won't free channels reserved for them,

due to hardware allocation of DSP channels for built-in cards.

Is it possible to free DSP channels allocated by built-in FXO and FXS ports?

Nikola D.

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