MSFC2 doesn't boot

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Mar 4th, 2010
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Hi, This is the first time I have touched a 6500. After not being able to enable IP routing on MSFC2 I decided to upgrade the IOS and I downloaded the IOS from Cisco but I couldn't get IP routing enabled with the new image. I thought the reaosn for this was the boot image that showed under the show version so I deleted the boot image and only left the newly downloaded image but I can no longer boot into the MSFC it gives this error message "%SYSTEM-1-INITFAIL: Network boot is not supported.".

Can someone please tell me how to boot into MSFC,

Here is the output from the rommon

PS1=rommon ! >

And the output of the dir bootflash:

25849596 bytes (0x18a6efc)  0x9d7b9785    c6sup22-psv-mz.121-27b.E4.bin

When I issue the "boot bootflash:c6sup22-psv-mz.121-27b.E4.bin" command it doesn't boot, it decompresses the image but it gets stuck in a loop with the above error message.


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KARUPPUCHAMY MA... Thu, 03/04/2010 - 04:06
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Set the boot loader as below and can you try to boot.

rommon>boot system flash sup-bootflash:c6sup22-psv-mz.121-27b.E4.bin


hadisharifi Thu, 03/04/2010 - 14:33
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Hi, I tried that but it didn't work, again it decompresses the image but gets stuck in a loop. I am going to xmodem the boot file in there and try to boot it from that. But once I have booted this how do I enable IP ROUTING? It's not an option.

KARUPPUCHAMY MA... Thu, 03/04/2010 - 17:20
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What supervisor engine you are running in your 6500 switch.

Once you have upgraded the latest IOS in the cisco 6500 switch ip routing will be enabled automatically.

Before upgrading the IOS via XMODEM, check the compatibility with supervisor engine and your IOS.



Kordia Networks Thu, 03/04/2010 - 18:40
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Thanks, Looking at the release note it seems that it's supported please check this link and tell me if I am wrong.

I did actually try xmodem but it didn't work it gets aborted pretty quickly, I have put this image "c6msfc2-boot-mz.121-20.E3.bin" which was the original one on the flash card "slot0:" but slot0 is not recognized in rommon>.

hadisharifi Thu, 03/04/2010 - 19:08
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Thanks, I am not able to load the image onto the flash card because the capacity of the card is only 24MB and the image is over 25MB and the other issue is that it doesn't get recognized by the MSFC2 in rommon>. Not sure how to load the boot helper image, is the boot helper image necessary or can the MSFC2 boot from the ios image straight?


KARUPPUCHAMY MA... Thu, 03/04/2010 - 19:49
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MSFC2 does not require a boot loader image (c6msfc*-boot) in the           MSFC2 boot Flash device in order to boot successfully when you run Cisco IOS           Software. However, leave the boot loader image in the RP boot Flash, in case           you decide to revert to CatOS software.

Have a look into the below URL , hope it will help u to resolve your issue



hadisharifi Thu, 03/04/2010 - 21:24
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Thanks for your help, I have gone through those documents without much success. I have got it working on the standby SUP with the help of TAC and I will not touch the first SUP and return it to Cisco.


hadisharifi Mon, 03/08/2010 - 21:21
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Hi, I have a few questions and it will be greatly appreciated if some can answer them.

The 1st SUP2 has a faulty MSFC and I am using the second SUP2 and MSFC for now until I get the replacement 4506s, however when I power on the switch it boots the 1st SUP2 which I don't want it to become the active and I switch the standby to active by issuing the switch supervisor command.

1, How do I make sure the second SUP2 becomes active when the switches is powered on?

2, When I configured SUP2 I saved the config but if the switch is powered cycled and when I switch over the second SUP2 the config is not there and it gives me the following error message. "Command disabled until the system config file is uploaded".



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