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I've got a PVC2300 and a wireless one on order for internal testing. I had a few questions regarding the PVC2300 and just in general:

1. The camera gets fairly hot to touch is this normal? It's running PoE only

2. Which ports do I need to open on our firewalls to stream video to both a browser and an iPhone?

3. for wireless (WVC2300) if it's in a Pelco enclosure outside how much loss of wireless strength do I loose from the metal enclosure; estimated distance.

4. The video quality of the 2300 seems kinda poor, I've got it set to max resolution, but I'm wondering if this is normal? Currently I have a close up shot of things and it's not zoomed in, but it seems pixelated still; is this the best it gets?

Thanks in advance,

Bob James

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Steven DiStefano Fri, 03/05/2010 - 11:51
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Hi Bob,

1) They do run hot, yes, but be sure you have it in an environment according to its datasheet.

2) We recommend a VPN tunnel connection to remotely access the cameras.  There is a Smart Design on this in Partner Central.

If you didnt want this recommendation, and wanted to open ports, its really just HTTP & RTSP (for the mobile).  The camera lets you set what each one uses as an alternate HTTP port if you have more than one and then obviously cant use 80 (1024, 1025...etc), so you open that up.

3) I dont think we recommend wireless (WVC2300) in an enclosure for exactly that reason of degredation of signal.

4) 30 FPS with Highest Quality, and 640x480 VGA should be set for the stream you are watching (MJPEG or MPEG-4; you can set both).  It seems pretty good on mine.  Hard to a MOS score in voice I suppose :-)  You can manually focus via the lens itslef you know, right?




I was able to just pass http through the firewalls go get to it.

3. - Hmm, I'm pretty sure your docs say you can use an enclosure on these (even the wireless). So what is the alternative? I have power to locations in the middle of nowhere, but no Ethernet. - Straight from the datasheet:

Their compact form factor also enables the cameras to be put inside a protective enclosure for interior or exterior installations

4. It is focused but still pixelated, not near as good quality as say a logitech webcam; maybe it's just mine.

I did upgrade it as well to the latest firmware and software.


asarutan Sat, 03/06/2010 - 15:30
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For number 3 you would need to get a cable and route it outside the enclosure (cables such as a Hawking HAC7SS) and then you can connect the 2300' s antennas to the cables. Of course there are also enclosures that are made for wireless IP cameras that comes with the antenna already attached to the enclosure with cables that attach to the camera.

For number 4. Video artifacts have you tried increasing the bit rate?


David Hornstein Mon, 03/08/2010 - 08:16
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Hi Alan,

"Your the Man"...great input.

Bob, sounds like with item 4 you may have  high compression set if he has chunky pixels within the images.  Yep, it's a juggling act you perform to balance image quality versus available wan Bandwidth.  Locally with a logitech webcam, your not concerned about video frames pers second or resolution, the sky is the limit.  But streaming the surveillance cameras only locally, I also wouldn't worry about resolution/framerate etc...unless I had to store the video content in a NAS unit or server.

However, if i send a 1.2Mbit/sec stream up a ADSL link, hey man, the uplink could be only 300Kbits/sec, I'm going to end up loosing packets and receive choppy images.

Since we are all networking professionals, we have to consider frame rate, resolution etc.. and reach a balance that is acceptable. Since the cameras stream MPEG as well as MPEG, you could set the remote client to say monitor MJPEG and leave local client to monitor MPEG set at high resolution.

Have fun, it's a great application to play with.

regards Dave

asarutan Mon, 03/08/2010 - 14:10
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I've set up a camera for you to view.

username and password is bob1234

See how the image looks to you. If the artifacts are gone the problem may be in the image sensor. If it is still there the problem may be in the PC hardware or network traffic. My camera is set all at default except resolution is 640x480 in MPEG-4.



asarutan Tue, 03/09/2010 - 14:42
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Opps sorry Bob, yes that's the WVC210, please log into

I have this one on "Very high" similar to what you have. Username and password are the same.



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