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I just bought a RSV042 and took it out the box. Plugged it into the cable modem and set up 4 users for the VPN. Disabled block wan requests. I made sure the Fireware was up to date and d\l the newest version of qvpn. I generated a certificate, exported it for client. Placed that into program files > cisco small business and just about everywhere in that folder and subfolders i could. My ip scheme is 192.168.1. and i have a linux fedora 10 server with samba setup.

First issue is i can no connect using the quick vpn or it if very buggy. When i hit connect it gives me a cant find certificate error. After having to ignore that 2 times it starts going throuhg the connecting process. Usually the first time it will connect. I can get on the network and access my samba drive. It is very slow also. I can not see any other computers or network printers on that network. If i disconnect and try to connect again it just fails and either comes up with the 5 options saying check firewall / ip / and all that or goes to could not connect to remote gateway. I didnt change any options it just wont connect. That setup is a Laptop running Windows Vista using a Verizon Air Card. I can also get the laptop to connect intermitently offsite at another cable isp location.

Second.. At that same location i have installed the same quickvpn client on a windows XP machine. It does the same thing with the certificate but it does not connect. I have turned off the firewall and everything. It will not connect no matter what i try. It is not connected to a router, just the modem.

Third.. I need to know how stable this VPN is? My client can no go down at all. They have to have access via vpn to get to a program they use every minute. They are using a gotomypc connection right now using 2 remote locations but we are adding a 3rd. So im tring to get rid of that service and use a vpn solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

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josruiz Tue, 03/09/2010 - 07:28
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Sir. there are few tests that you can perform; you have to make sure that your VPN ports are all open, then the modem should be in bridge mode (only your internet provider can perform this task "bridge").

Window 7 has some issues connecting with VPN but there is a way to make work.

Sometimes you have to desable your anti-virus in oder to establish a VPN connevtion.

There are many ways to take care this issues, I recommend you to contact our support center 1866-606-1866 US/Canada.



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