Trunking brings packets to a halt....

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Mar 8th, 2010
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I have building A and building B. They are connected via fiber with 1 GB transition fiber transceivers on both ends.  Currently building A has a stack of C3750-24-TS, building B has a couple SGE2010P switches in non-stack mode.  Building B is on a vlan.  Everything works great.

We setup wireless access points in building b.  We want to share buildings A wireless controller and have the public/private traffic segmented.  We need to have building B see a bunch of vlans.


We had a spare 3750 we deployed it to building B, and trunked the fiber ports.  The trunk comes up.  I can see all the vlans on both sides.  I’m able to get DCHP at building B from building A, and ping networks and devices at building A.  When I try to pull up a web page, or log in to workstation traffic halts to a standstill.  DNS look ups appear to function normally.

Vlan1 = building A

Vlan68 = building B

Attached are the building B 3750 config
Vlan Information
The fiber port configuration

Any help appreciated!   There are no errors on either switch after trunking.

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