How to design a DR Site?

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Ganesh Hariharan Tue, 03/09/2010 - 00:06

HI Ganesh

am looking for deployment scenario either?


Hi Alsayed,

If deployment case comes all depends on the current DC setup ,how is the DC is build i mean to say redundancy fashion or not. so that we can plan for DR site setup also in same fashion like in redundancy mode same as if like DC setup.

Deployment also comes how you design your DC/DR setup in Active/Active or Active/Passive so in these cases full flow needs to be known with ip subnetting and traffic redirection all those stuff.

Then comes the connectivity between DC and DR is via MPLS,LL or some other means,Genrally these type of documents are confendial and are specfic to customer for whom these type of document has been made.

Any way if i get some docs related to these requirement i wil let you know.



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