WBC2300 just goes off the net

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I have a new WVC2300 witht eh latest flash I am just testing and have found that it goes away (off the network) and is unreachable until I power it off and on. It s wireless to two AP521's and a Wireless Express Controller.

Other devices connected do not drop off, so I'm suspecting the WVC2300 is the issue. I'll be monitoring it in the Monitor app, then it is gone.

Are there any logs local to the camera or any way to troubleshoot this other than to replace the camera?

Thanks in advance,

Bob James

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lifennel Fri, 03/12/2010 - 09:25
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Hi Bob,

Does the loss of access to the camera occur from a computer that is connecting wirelessly to the AP521s? Have you tested this on computers that are connected by ethernet cable into a router or switch in the same subnet as the WVC2300? Have you tested this by doing a continuous ping?

There seem to be a few questions needed to be asked to help determine what the problem is. With the answers to these questions in mind, you can reach us by phone at 1-866-606-1866 and we'll open a case for you with the serial number and your Cisco.com user ID.

Look forward to hearing from you,



I have opened a case for this, but the tech was stumped to.

I am testing further;

The PC communicating to the WVC2300 is Ethernet connected and yes the pings just stop.

I tried to get the camera to authenticate to another AP (1130) but no luck. Right now I have a Ethernet cable directly to the camera to see if it stops responding on the Ethernet. If it does not I will fire up a different AP and see if I can associate the camera with it, and see if the same issue happens.

Either way it looks to me to be a camera/radio issue, but I will see in my next round of testing.


OK Here's the update, I tested via Ethernet and didn't loose any packets. I put the camera back on the wireless net and monitored. When I started to see packet loss (via Ping) I checked the wireless express controller and saw the camera was still associated to the LWAP521G. I waited a bit and ping still didn't come back so I de-associated the camera, then watched.

It did come back and pings started again. This shows me the issue is the the wireless network itself and the camera as well. I have never had any issues with the wireless for laptops, but something is going on with the camera and wireless.

I am trying to see if I can get better debugging on the Wireless express controller, but it doesn't have too many options for this.

I'll keep trying to figure it out, and call into support and have the case moved to the wireless team.


Bob James


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