Deactivating ICM Routing Scripts

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Mar 9th, 2010

Is it possible to Deactivate a ICM Routing Script so that if we have a single script version that is active, how can we deactivate that script without deleting it.

Thanks in advance for your response.

I have this problem too.
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Edward Umansky Tue, 03/09/2010 - 22:09

If you disassociate the call type from that routing script it will no longer be accessible.

Shawn Bochman Wed, 03/10/2010 - 05:23

Thanks Ed,

The problem is that the script will still be Active, thus loaded in router memory.  I would like to be able to keep the routing script in case for a period of time until we are certain there is no need for the script.  We are trying to reduce the memory usage by the Call Router.

How about exporting the script as a .ICMS file, saving it away somewhere, then deleting the script. As long as you don't remove call types, skill groups etc that the script refers to, you should be OK to import it back and reschedule.

It must be a pretty good script.

I'm quite interested in your strategy of reducing Router memory. We are all looking for improved performance.

Why do you think you need to do this?



Shawn Bochman Wed, 03/10/2010 - 07:45

Thanks for your input Geoff.

Our Router on both side A and B cycled over the weekend.  TAC found a log message that refers to to many nodes in memory.  We have a lot of configuration data so the router takes a good 15-20 minutes to restart and load its configuration data.  We want to reduce this time to be as quick as possible.  My client handle's call center services so scripts may be used one day but no longer used a month later.  We have 1300 scripts that are active but no longer in use.  It would be nice to deactivate the scripts without deleting them in the off chance that we delete a script that is actually used (just used very infrequently).  We could go in a manually export each script, but it would add time to the process for which I was hoping to avoid.

david.macias Wed, 03/10/2010 - 08:43

Look at your reports to see when was the last time some of these scripts were used.  Stablish a metric.  If we've not used it in 6 months it's getting deleted.  That should bring down the 1300 scripts you need to look at.  Then I would do a manual export for the reminding scripts.


Shawn Bochman Wed, 03/10/2010 - 10:00

These are all great approaches for removing old scripts with minimal risk of deleting a script that actually gets used.  However I have 1300 scripts that have not been used per the Script_Real_Time table which I have been monitoring for the past 5 days.

The problem is two fold:

1.  Removing ACTIVE scripts quickly enough so our RTR process does not cycle again.

2.  Try to keep the scripts saved on the off chance we will need to re-activate the script.

My thought was to simply deactivate a script using Script Explorer, but this tool does not allow for Deactivating a script once it is active unless I activate a different version of the same script.  The goal is to remove 1300 scripts from the router memory QUICKLY so the issue does not come back while still having the original version of the script available (but not active).  I was hoping to simply deactivate the script in script explorer, but that does not seem possible which is odd as you can save the first version of the script without the script actually being active.

Thanks again for all of the inputs.


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