"getting aggressive" and "calming down" messages

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Mar 9th, 2010

I have a Cisco 851 router and have been getting a steady stream of "getting aggressive" and "calming down" messages.  Here are a couple examples:

-ALERT_ON: getting aggressive, count (2/200) current 1-min rate: -1        
Feb 24 20:55:52 cisco_firewall 32902: 032898: *Feb 24 21:33:24.612 PCTime: %FW-4
-ALERT_OFF: calming down, count (2/80) current 1-min rate: 0                   
Feb 24 21:05:15 dlink_firewall EFW: USAGE: conns=1 if0=core ip0= tp0=0.
00 if1=LAN ip1= tp1=0.00 if2=WAN ip2= tp2=0.00 if3=DM
Z ip3= tp3=0.00                                                    

Here are my settings:

one-minute (sampling period) thresholds are [2745 : 3432] connections
max-incomplete sessions thresholds are [80 : 200]                   
max-incomplete tcp connections per host is 50. Block-time 0 minute.

From what little I understand I should only get the "aggressive" message if the number of half-open sessions exceeds 200.  Yet there are only 2 and we still get the message.

I suspect the problem may be where it is reporting "current 1-min rate: -1".   Why minus 1?

Can anyone shed any light on this?  Anyone know why the software would be reporting this and what it might mean?  Or any ideas on how to set this up so that it is not constantly switching between agressive and calming down?

Ray Peck

Building Industry Credit Association

I have this problem too.
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