Trouble configuring Dial Plan in CallManager 7.1.3

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Mar 10th, 2010

Hello all.

Been trying to make my internal phones to communicate to the PSTN line through a VIC2-2FXO card on my Cisco 2911 router.

Problem is that in past tests, I managed to configure CME to direct PSTN call through an FXO card, but it was a different scenario. I had at the time a Cisco 2801 router with CallManager Express installed on its flash, and an FXO card same as this one.

I could also configure my scenario using SDM and other Cisco tools (graphical) which I can't now, because this Cisco 2911 won't accept SDM 2.5 to be installed.

Anyway, I have my phones communicating with eachother internally, both the IP phones, SIP softphones and 2 analog phones connected to the network through a VG202 voice gateway.

I'm here to ask for your help on the best way, or which steps i have to pass in order to allow my communications to be delivered to the exterior of my organization.

I already tried all that I could find, and understand, such as Route Pattern, Application Dial Rules and several others, but still no luck.

Can anyone help me with some guidelines on what I need to configure, or point me on some good documentation about this?

Thank you in advance.

I have this problem too.
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Aaron Harrison Wed, 03/10/2010 - 02:49


Since you are using FXO ports, I would normally configure the gateway as a H.323 router. This config should be familiar to you if  you have played with CME previously.

Basically you would need carry out these steps:

1) Configure dial-peers pointing to your FXO ports on the gatway (here I'm assuming you want to dial 9 for an outside line, so change the 9 if you use something different - also use whatever voice port numbers you have on your gateway):

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 9T

port 0/0/0

dial-peer voice 2 pots

destination-pattern 9T

port 0/0/1

2) Set the ports to use PLAR to route any incoming calls to an internal extension:

voice-port 0/0/0

connection plar 1234                    (set an internal extension where I have 1234)

3) Configure dial-peers pointing to CCM for inbound calls to the number you are sending the calls to:

dial-peer voice 10 voip

session target ipv4:x.x.x.x            (CCM IP address)

destination pattern 1234

codec G711a

no vad

4) In CCM, add the gateway as a H.323 gateway. Set:

Device name: IP address of the gateway.

Device Pool: something suitable or default

Inbound Calling Search Space: Set to a CSS including your internal phones, or leave at if you haven't configured partitions

5) In CCM, add a route pattern to match your dial-peer. E.g.

Pattern : 9!

Partition : a partition which your phones have in their CSS, or if you haven't configured CSS/Partitions

Gateway or Route LIst : your H.323 gateway

Leave other properties as-is for now.

This should then allow anything you dial starting with 9 to be routed to the gateway, which will then strip the 9 and send the call out.

This is a very basic setup.... there's a world of other stuff you may want to do, but it should get you started...



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rochamarques Wed, 03/10/2010 - 04:29

Tried all that but still no luck.

Configured the dial-peer on the router, i had already dial-peers, but I redone it.

Also created the route pattern in ccm as you refered, but that does not go either.

Do you have any other insight about this?

Configuring  the router as an h.323 gateway i don't have the possibility of configuring the endpoints (FXO ports) on the router.

Aaron Harrison Wed, 03/10/2010 - 04:37


Well, if you've configured all that then you need to troubleshoot it.

1) Do a 'debug cch323 all' on the gateway. Ensure you are connected via a method that will show you debug output (i.e. console, or vty with term mon enabled). Run a call from an IP phone that should go to the gateway. If you don't see any debug output, then your CCM config is not correct.

2) If there is no gateway activity, then check in CCM Service Activation that you have the 'Dialed Number Analyzer' activated. Browse to http://ccmip/dna, and use that to verify what will happen when you dial an external number with the configured CSS of the phone you are testing with.



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rochamarques Wed, 03/10/2010 - 07:04

Ok Aaron,

here's the deal.

I got some logging going on on the router while i perform call tries.

I keep getting this:

*Mar 10 14:58:23.726: //12/80F2350A0A00/H323/cch323_determine_source_ip_group_info: No Source IP group match with Src CarrierId/Zone ID
*Mar 10 14:58:23.726: //12/80F2350A0A00/H323/cch323_determine_source_ip_group_info: No Source IP group matched with rte id/zone_id/acl
*Mar 10 14:58:23.726: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_determine_source_group: Entry
*Mar 10 14:58:23.726: //12/80F2350A0A00/H323/cch323_determine_source_ip_group_info: No Source IP group match with Incoming Called Number
*Mar 10 14:58:23.726: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_determine_source_group: Entry
*Mar 10 14:58:23.726: //12/80F2350A0A00/H323/cch323_determine_source_ip_group_info: No Source IP group match with Destination pattern

From what i can see on the log the source number is arrivibg well to the gateway, as the destination number, but this seems to be the main problem.

Can you make some sense out of this errors?


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