Martin Ermel Wed, 03/10/2010 - 08:25
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I definitely would not update apache because you would loose Cisco TAC support. If you see any problems, open a TAC Case and request a patch. I can remember onetime in the past which updated apache.

kerklaanm Thu, 03/18/2010 - 06:25
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It turns out this vulnerablity does not affect LMS.

This issue is not affecting the LMS.

Please have a look at the following bug ID.

as you can see as I suspected we are not using This module in the LMS.

So as a workaround you can safely comment the line

LoadModule isapi_module modules/

From httpd.conf file.

Regards Marco.

yjdabear Thu, 03/18/2010 - 06:40
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On LMS 3.2, the only httpd.conf I can find is /opt/CSCOpx/MDC/Apache/conf/httpd.conf, which has no mention of "LoadModule isapi_module modules/" at all.


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