Upgrade CUCM/Call Manager 4.X to 7.X- Part Number Help

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Mar 10th, 2010
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Before I created this posted I really tried to research the information on my own, but just do not feel confident that I have the right Procedure/Parts/Licenses

We have a Call Manager 4.2(3) cluster currently with:

1- Publisher  MCS-7845-H1 ECS server 

7-Subscribers  MCS-7845-H1 ECS servers

( All have 72G Hard Drives /4GB of ram  Pass compatibility)

We would like to upgrade to CUCM 7.1(3) and use all of the existing hardware.

Here are the parts we have so far:

UNIFIED-CM7.1        CUCM 7.1 top level part number                                                                     Qty= 8

CM7.1-K9-380G4D   SW Only, Unified CM 7.1 For HP DL380-G4 /2CPU or 7845-H1                   Qty = 8  

LIC-CM7.1-7845=      License Unified CM 7.1 7845 Appliance, 5,000 seat (Node License)            Qty= 8

1- Are they any other additional parts we would need to order?

2- do we have to add  CM7.1-K9-380G4D and LIC-CM7.1-7845  for each server?

Thanks in advance


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mdury Thu, 03/11/2010 - 12:28
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You are correct , we do not have SASU/UCSS support.

Can you tell me where you referenced your 6GB Ram for CUCM 7.1(3)? on a MCS 7845 H1?

I might have different information

On this document it claims:


Supported Cisco Unified Communications Manager Releases by Server

7.1(3-3b)     X(2)=  

(2) Supported, but note that Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1 and higher requires memory of minimum 2GB for MCS 7815/16/25/35, 6GB for MCS 7828 and 4GB for MCS 7845, and hard drive capacity of 72/80 GB or higher. This will result in mandatory memory and hard drive upgrades if older supported servers are desired for use with the new software versions.

Thank you for clarifyng the difference between the

LIC-CM7.1-7845  and CM7.1-K9-380G4D 


mdury Thu, 03/11/2010 - 12:41
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We signed up for the UC Migration, is that the same as the Discovery program you are talking about?

kellymaloy Thu, 03/11/2010 - 12:57
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With all the different programs Cisco has, it's not easy to be sure. What I referred to is the Cisco UC Assessment, which is part of the Cisco Discovery Audit Program. If you are expecting engineers to come in and install a probe on your network and let it run for a week to gather information about voice packets transiting the network, yes, we are talking about the same program.

However, is it possible you may be referring to Cisco UC Migration Momentum?

The UC Migration Momentum and UC The Green offers provide special discount incentives for traditional telephony customers to migrate to Cisco Unified Communications solutions. UC The Green can also help customers achieve their environmental sustainability initiatives.

Either would generally provide the same benefit of engaging Cisco to try to get the best discounts.


[email protected]

kellymaloy Thu, 03/11/2010 - 12:06
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Based on the wording of your question I'll assume you don't have upgrade rights through SmartNet for your UC system (either SASU or UCSS). If that's correct, you'll need to buy new licenses for the upgrade, Cisco doesn't offer a lower priced upgrade SKU to jump all the way from 4 to 7.

If you do have upgrade rights, all this is as simple as downloading the latest version of the software through your CCO ID which should be attached to your contracts (but that's a different issue)...

So you need new server licenses, that part you have is correct:

LIC-CM7.1-7845=      License Unified CM 7.1 7845 Appliance, 5,000 seat (Node License)            Qty= 8

You don't need CM7.1-K9-380G4D, that's a duplicate of the above license, which is when you are using HP servers and not Cisco servers. Since you've said you have Cisco servers, you don't need that license.

Considering your servers, a quick check of the documentation appears to show they are supported for the 7.x release, with a minimum of 72GB hard drives and 6GB memory. Looks like you have 4GB memory now, so you'll need to upgrade that. and 4GB of memory.

That should be all you need from a licensing perspective. It gets murkier from a technical perspective, depending on whether you need to run a multistage upgrade (but that's outside the scope of this reply). Also, you don't mention about upgrading any other UC application you might have, like Unity.

On a final note, I'd consider getting an IP Telephony Discovery Audit if I were in your situation. The audit provides some services you probably don't need, but it is aimed at current Cisco customers who want to upgrade, and it would engage your Cisco team who might be able to work out a better price on your upgrade than just buying all this gear through your preferred big box reseller. The Audit doesn't cost anything to run, it's free; you'd just need to commit the time and network access to let the engineers come in and run it.

I hope this helps you. Good luck with your upgrade.



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