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Mar 10th, 2010


I know if you work study hard and practice you can achieve any certification. My question to you ladies and gentlemen is, If have my CCNA, and go for CCNA Sec and then start working on the CCSP, will it be possible to get a job in networking (security role)? I have been advised go the voice route, but would rather give security a try. I am the solo IT guy at my company but all the networking work is outsourced, so I really don't have much exposure other than my home lab

I know this is a cisco forum, but some have told me that other vendors own the security market, and that my best bet is to go voice. I'd rather not believe that, which is why I post this question here.

Please advise

I have this problem too.
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first, make sure you have all the info about the CCSP requirements

answering your question is somewhere between impossible and irresponsible, no one can predict what would happen to you and tell you if it does worth the time\money you spend.

generally speaking, the exams are a nice way to show what you know and prove you can study hard BUT it does not replace experience.

let's say you get your CCSP but you said you never work with this equipment so your certificate is on paper with no hand-on work to back it up

you might be able to get an entry level position but I can't see how having a cert with no experience will get you into touching the equipment position

My 2 cents are: talk to your boss, try to get some of the local management of your network. start working with the equipment and than you can think of the next level

good luck!

IntVlan10 Fri, 03/19/2010 - 07:31


thank you for reply. However, I was not really asking anyone to predict my future or to tell me whether certification is worth the money, I was wondering if anyone was ever in my similiar situation and possibly had any advice.

As I mentioned, our network support is outsourced. Nobody touches the switches or routers, which is too bad for me.

As for not touching the equipment, I planned on buying two ASA appliances, and using a lot of rack rental for "hands on". I know it is not much, but I am hoping it will account for something. I am not new to IT, I have a lot of experience in other areas.


minxbaker Mon, 03/22/2010 - 20:09

just a thought you could get your security cert and the go for a job at the company that your network is outsourced to. That way you'll have knowlege about one of the places that they look after and it might be easier to get a foot in the door. Getting a cert can't hurt your chances at getting a security position at least they know you're keen to study and keep your skills up.


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