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Mar 12th, 2010


I configure a sequential hunt group (501) with 2 phones. After 2 ringbell the second phone rings then the call is tranfered to a callblast (511), and if nobody answers the call goes to the VM.

How can I notificate that there is a message on the callblast (511) on phones?

I would like that every users show a redlight button if there is a message on the 511.


I have this problem too.
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Steven DiStefano Fri, 03/12/2010 - 07:53

Cisco IP Phones can be set to monitor 1 line to the visual MWI notification LED on the handset.  Usually this is for that users own personal mailbox by default.

A General Delivery mailbox (GDM) can be manually configured to a line button on each member phone and show up with a flashing envelope display next to the line button on the phone screen itself.  This is not yet supported in CCA but is on the roadmap.  This requires out of band CLI. 

There is a way we can do this in 4 steps, which insert an abstraction layer using a dummy extension and a new Group and Mailbox.
1.    Configure Call-blast/hunt group to CFNA to an unused extension number (ephone-dn) for each call-blast/hunt GDM which needs VMWI
2.    Have each unused ephone-dn CFWD ALL to VM pilot number (400 in my lab)
3.    Map these unused extensions created to the IP phones (its ephone) that you want the “envelope” style VMWI icon to show up.
4.    In CUE GUI, create a Group, a GDM for that group using the unused extension above as pilot, and add members to it.

The CCA phone button GUI in Telephony Voice screen will not like the button and while it will let it exist, you wont be able to adjust it from CCA. 

Do you need this imperatively and want the OOB method?  If so, you should probably open a case with SBSC and ask for the proper CLI.

They may also know of an alternative method which may be cleaner...


final-reseaux Mon, 03/15/2010 - 09:27

Thank you Steve for your fast answer! the notification with a flashing envelope is what I would like...

But I'm bad in the CLI. I begin in UC500 so i just use CCA.

Can i have the complete commanf for just one phone please ?



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