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Mar 12th, 2010

I have a PAP2 that has been running perfectly with a 3CX phone server for more than a month.  Today, it stopped with all lights (execpt lan) flashing 3 short, 2 long, 3 short.

I've read elsewhere that this means the firmware is corrupt.  I've found a firmware recovery tool from this site (rec-pap2-3-1-22-LS), but when I enter the serial number from my PAP2, I get 'recovery failed: cannot find the specified device'

I've checked from my dhcp server that the MAC address on the PAP2 unit matches the most recent IP lease (  Would it matter that there is another existing machine with a lease on  The PC I'm using to recover is at

Ideas to restore reality?


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nseto Mon, 03/15/2010 - 16:40

Check the product name in the info tab of the web UI.  If it shows PAP2-NA, then the recovery tool looks like the right one.  If it's PAP2T, then please look for the pap2t version of the recovery software.

reabinc_reabinc Tue, 03/16/2010 - 05:47

I would check the Web UI to verify that it is not the PAP2T version, however, when powered up, I get SOS lights, ie:

Line1,Line2,Power (red), flash - 3 short, 2 long, 3 short.

And the unit does not request an IP address from DHCP.

My issue seems to be the serial number on the info tab seems not to be the correct one...  I would like a tool to send the request to every PAP on the network... Send a request for every serial until it gets a response?

Just for kicks, I tried the PAP2T version:  no dice.


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