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Mar 13th, 2010


just a simple question. We have a customer that requires 80 Analogue PSTN trunks to be terminated and im trying to see what other options there are other that multiple routers and the HDA-6FXO= along with the Network modules.

Are there any options for a 4500 switch that would be able to handle this?

P.S they are sticking with this an not converting to Digital.

thanks in advance

I have this problem too.
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Paolo Bevilacqua Sat, 03/13/2010 - 06:22

There is no single Cisco product that can host that many analog CO lines.

Why? Because anybody that needs that many lines, goes digital: cheaper, more robust, more features.

By the way, everytime I work on a system using analog, there are problems, every single time.

But you said they don't want that.

So you better choice is using either a channel bank, or a multiport FXO/FXS converter, live with the additional cost and cumbersomeness.

a.gooding Sat, 03/13/2010 - 06:42

Beleive me when i say i agee 100% with what youre saying. This is however a tender and the customer has stated that this MUST be a requirement.They may or may not choose to go Digital (Of which we advised) but for now i have to go with what they requested with input of the other possible options

For now Ive specified QTY 2 3845 Rtrs


EM-HDA-6FXO - qty 11


Paolo Bevilacqua Sat, 03/13/2010 - 06:53

Check channel banks or multiport FXS/FSO converters, I'm afraid that is the only way to stay competitive using Cisco in a tender, others will propose anybrand VGs and may have an edge over your bid.


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