How to set calling/called NPI to E.164 - CUCM-BE 6.1 w/MGCP gw

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Mar 15th, 2010

Hello all,

I recently brought up a new office at a remote location with a 2821 acting as a PRI gateway among other things.  Got inbound calling working right off the bat, but we were never able to place outgoing calls.  I had lots of other stuff to take care of, so I just re-routed their outbound calling through the gateway at another of our offices for the time being and called it good.

Now I am revisiting their outbound calling issue and need some help.  I talked to a Telco tech and he confirmed that our issue with placing outgoing calls was because we weren't sending the outbound calling digits directly.  He mentioned that we needed to set our outgoing Calling NPI and Called NPI to E.164.  Interestingly enough we already have 5 working PRI circuits from this Telco in various locations and I have never had to change the gateway settings from the defaults so I am somewhat stymied.

So, my question is, how do I set that?  I am unable to find E.164 anywhere in the gateway or port setup.  In the MGCP gateway port setup, I am looking at the options for Call Routing Information - Outbound calls:

Calling Party Presentation (set to Default).

Calling Party Selection (set to Originator).

Called party IE number type unknown (on all my other gws this is set to Cisco Callmanager).

Calling party IE number type unknown (on all my other gws this is set to Cisco Callmanager).

Called Numbering Plan (on all my other gws this is set to Cisco Callmanager).

Calling Numbering Plan (on all my other gws this is set to Cisco Callmanager).

I do not see E.164 as an option in any of those settings.  Should I be using National for the IE number types and National Standard for the Numbering plans?  That's the closest thing I could find to E.164 after doing some limited research on what exactly E.164 is.  Or, should I have it set up a different way?

ISDN circuit type is PRI NI2, btw.



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Aaron Harrison Mon, 03/15/2010 - 10:57


When I've needed to modify number/plan settings on calls I would normally do this via a translation profile on the outgoing dial peer with H.323.

With MGCP, the dial plan (at least the GB one) has flags in it so set National/Internation as appropriate for the dialed pattern.

You can set on the MGCP gateway config page the type - the default for all of them (plan type for calling/called) is 'Cisco CallManager' from memory I think - so you can set it to one of the available values.

What they mean by E.164, I'm not sure - unless they mean format it to the full number including international number code. Definitely an odd request in my book, ask them to clarify what they mean.



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olighec Mon, 03/15/2010 - 11:07


Thanks.  I agree that it is an odd request.  I have 5 other circuits from this particular Telco in other locations and all gateways are configured with 'Cisco Callmanager' in all four options, sending whichever digits necessary outbound for the call type (i.e. 7 digits dials locally, 10 digits dials locally within LATA, 11 digits dials in-country long distance, etc.)  All 5 of those circuits have been working just fine for years, so this new requirement is a little weird to me.

I have a ticket in with the Telco now so we will see what they say.

Thank you,



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