To activate SSL license on cisco ASA

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I ordered ASA with 50 ssl licneses.

But due to non avialibilty of the product it was part shipment for me.

I was shipped with the ASA with base license i.e ASA-Bun-K8.Then as SSL license going to take some time I was given a temporary license/activation key.

Can somebody let me know how to activate these licenses to start working on SSL.My unit is not in production as of now.

I will be getting permanent licenses in 3-4 weeks and again I  need to it at that time for new license.

Hope the procedure would be more or less the same.

Please guide.



I have this problem too.
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Hey John thanks for your reply.

Now licesne been uploaded.

It is just showing me some time based activity.

I bought 50 ssl licenses.Still can't see anything using sh ver or ah activation key.

How to check whether box is ssl enabled or not for additional licesnes using any command?

Does temp lincese doesn't show up except time based activity?

Please find the show activation key detail for the same.



Jennifer Halim Thu, 03/18/2010 - 03:27

Hi Sushil,

To activate time based license, you would need to add the keyword "activate" when you configure the time-based activation key as follows:

activation-key activate

Hope that helps.

Jennifer Halim Thu, 03/18/2010 - 03:56

Are you sure the time based license that you have is for 50 SSL user license?

What does "show vpn sessiondb summary" show?

Yes,I ordered ssl licenses only.

Time being temp been given to me.

Even in vpn sessiondb it shows

ciscoasa# sh vpn-sessiondb summary

Active Session Summary

  No sessions to display

License Information:
  IPsec   :    250    Configured :    250    Active :      0    Load :   0%
  SSL VPN :      2    Configured :      2    Active :      0    Load :   0%

Active NAC Sessions:
  No NAC sessions to display

Active VLAN Mapping Sessions:
  No VLAN Mapping sessions to display




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