Incoming Calls from PSTN Not Working on SPA400/SPA9000

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Mar 18th, 2010
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I give up!!  I have been spent two whole days on this and can't figure it out!  I have just installed a voip system using a SPA400 gateway for 2 PSTN lines connecting to a SPA9000 with 2 phones (both SPA942).  I'm only using PSTN service.  I got everything working except for the most important thing -- no incoming calls!  Outbound calls work fine.  All internal calls work.  Voice mail works.  AA works internally.

Here's my setup . . .

I installed everything entirely from the setup wizard.  Connected the SPA400 to the network.  Connected the SPA9000 to the network.  Ran the Setup Wizard.  Both devices were discovered.  I meticulously followed the steps.  Upgraded the firmware on all devices (SPA400, SPA9000, SPA942s).  Setup the 2 PSTN phone lines on the SPA400 to connect to Line 1 of the SPA9000.  Setup incoming calls to route to Ext 101, then to AA (101, cfwd=AA).  After completing all the steps, running through a series of reboots I got outbound calls to go through.  Voice mail setup was a breeze (to my surprise).   When I try to receive a call from the outside -- no go.

Here's what happens . . .

1. With both lines connected to the SPA400 Lines 1 and 2 -- I see the line 1 LED on the SPA400 flash as the call comes in.  After about 2-3 rings the both the Line 1 and Line 2 LEDs goes solid on the SPA400 (odd I thought) and then after about 2 more rings the call is drop (the caller hears the standard AT&T message -- beep, beep, beep "We're sorry, your call did not go through . . .).

2. If only ONE line is plugged into the SPA400 (I was just curious to see what would happen so I pulled one of the lines) as call comes in the LED flashes on the SPA400 for the associate line and this time the call just rings forever (no messages, no pick up).

Here's what I've done . . .

I've tried factory resets, various reboot sequences, manual config of SPA9000 and SPA400, reran Setup Wizard about a million times.  It's absolutely killing me -- what am I missing here? 

Can anyone help?

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nseto Fri, 03/19/2010 - 10:00
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In the spa400 status, does it show 'registered' for 'SIP registration status'?

In the spa9000 info page, it shows the corresponding line number connected to the spa400 as registered as well, right?

After these are verified, you'll need to generate a debug log to see why the spa400 isn't forwarding the call to the spa9000. Details at

ltampkins Fri, 03/19/2010 - 13:18
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Thank you for your reply.  Yes, the SPA400 does show the SIP Registration Status as "registered."  Everything looks good . . .  I don't get it!  I will try to get a debug log generated.  I'm working on that next, thank you for the suggestion.  I guess I'll need to get a copy of the slogsrv utility software.  Thanks for the link.


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