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Mar 18th, 2010


I am trying to figure out how a gatekeeper decides which gateway to choose when you have 2 or more gateways in a single zone - a common scenario surely.

All I can see is the priority subcommand under the technology prefix on the gatekeeper.

I guess this is a top-down distribution, but when does the gatekeeper choose a secondary or tertiary gateway, and is it possible to round-robin between gateways in a zone?


I have this problem too.
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William Bell Thu, 03/18/2010 - 20:52

You can use the zone prefix configuration:

zone local gkzone1

zone prefix gkzone1 202.......

zone prefix gkzone1 410....... gw-priority 10 gw1 gw2

zone prefix gkzone1 703....... gw-priority 0 gw1

What the above is doing:

    • Domain is assigned to gatekeeper gkzone1
    • Prefix 202 is assigned to gkzone1 and all gateways that register to zone gkzone1 can be used equally for all calls to the 202 NPA
    • For prefix 410, gw1 has a priority of 10 while gw2 has the default priority (5)
    • For prefix 703, gw1 has a priority of 0 which means it is excluded from receiving calls for this prefix/NPA



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simmo Thu, 03/18/2010 - 20:58

thanks bill - that explains a great deal.

can you confirm how the priority works? ie in your example you have gw1 = pri 10, gw2 = pri 5.

does that mean all calls go to gw1 until it is full or unavailable, then to gw2?

or does it mean that 2 calls go to gw1 and 1 to gw2?

thanks again, Simmo.

William Bell Thu, 03/18/2010 - 21:21


When choosing a gateway, the gatekeeper looks for the longest prefix match first.  Then it will look at gateway priority and gateway status to determine which gateway to use.  So...

zone prefix gkzone1 410....... gw-priority 10 gw1 gw2

Means that the gatekeeper will send all calls for prefix 410 to gw1  assuming that gw1 responds to call setup and it has available resources, it will take the call.  Otherwise, the gatekeeper will extend the call to gw2.

You can use the command "resource threshold" on the gateway to have the gateway report resource availability to the gatekeeper.



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