CUCM 7.0 upgrade to CUCM 8.0

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Mar 22nd, 2010

Hi All,

I have a problem in CUCM 7.0 upgrade to CUCM 8.0. Can i migrate the data in CUCM 7.0 to CUCM 8.0?


I have this problem too.
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Aaron Harrison Mon, 03/22/2010 - 01:11


Yes, you can upgrade provided you are on a supported version as listed here:

If your upgrade is failing, it may be worth collecting/analyzing the following:

Install and Upgrade Logs

DB Installation Service

For the time period covering the upgrade attempt - do this for both the Active and Inactive partitions via RTMT.



yoonfui.chong Mon, 03/22/2010 - 20:50

Hi aaronharrison,

Thanks for your information.

I try to upgrade CUCM 7 to CUCM 8 with following step.


Cisco Unified OS Administration -> Software upgrades -> Install/upgrade

i choose source DVD/CD then a error message prompt.

Unable to mount the local file system.

Any suggestion for the error message

Appreciate your help.Thanks

Aaron Harrison Tue, 03/23/2010 - 01:32


Is the DVD you've put in the server one you have burned yourself?

1) A very common mistake is to burn the ISO file as a file to the DVD (i.e. if you put the DVD in your laptop, you see the ISO file you downloaded rather than a list of files and folders). You need to burn the ISO file to the DVD as an image, not a file...

2) Did you properly combine the two downloaded part files into a single ISO? It's usually a good idea to open the ISO in an ISO editor, WinRar, or 7-ZIP or similar in order to validate it isn't corrupt.



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yoonfui.chong Tue, 03/23/2010 - 02:06

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your information.

I have burned the ISO file to the file and the in the DVD i can see all the system file. But the error still come out.

Do you have any idea for this error?


Yoon Fui

Aaron Harrison Tue, 03/23/2010 - 03:05


If you still have the ISO image, try serving that over SFTP... might be a problem with the server DVD drive or something.

I use FreefTPD, or as a quick/easy option with no installation CoreFTP's msftpsrvr.exe

Use 'Remote Filesystem' instead of the DVD, and enter your SFTP server address/details.



WSonnylal Tue, 03/23/2010 - 09:33

You will see that error message if you're running a version that you cannot upgrade directly from.  Check the release notes for the version of 8.x that you are trying to upgrade to and chances are you will find that the version of 7.x that you are running is not directly upgradeable to version 8.x.  To resolve you will have to upgrade 7.0 to most likely a 7.1 release before going to 8.0.

b-clements Wed, 10/10/2012 - 10:22

I had a physical 7825 and needed to specify \D in the directory path. I had (incorrectly) assumed that selecting local / DVD drive would enable the util to find it. I needed to specify the drive letter.

nalonsoamerex Thu, 10/07/2010 - 07:02

The reason you are having this issue is because you are putting your DVD on the wrong drive. If you are upgrading from CUCM 7.x on a VM, in order to use the local DVD drive on the machine you have the gui open on, you must first mount it from the VM, then under directory put the drive letter  (\D for example). If you are using a physical server, then make sure you put it on the server's DVD drive.

b-clements Wed, 10/10/2012 - 10:24

I had a physical Cisco 7825 and needed to specify the drive letter \D, even though I had selected local CD\DVD. I had (incorrectly) assumed that the system would find the drive automatically when I selected local CD\DVD. Heads up that it won't.


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