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Mar 24th, 2010
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c7300#sh c7300

Slot      Card Type           Status          Insertion time
----      ---------           ------          --------------
0,1       NSE100              Up              47w4d ago
2         2PA Carrier Card    Active          47w4d ago
4         7304-MSC-100        Active          47w4d ago
5         7304-MSC-100        Active          47w4d ago

FPGA information:
                         Hardware            FPGA version
Slot Card Type           Version     Bundled    Flash    Current  
---- ---------           --------    -------   -------   -------  
*0   NSE100 (MB)          05.01       01.14     01.08     01.08 
0   NSE100 (DB)          05.01       01.08     01.08     01.08 
2   2PA Carrier Card     02.00       01.40     01.40     01.40 
4   7304-MSC-100         01.01       00.27     00.27     00.27 
5   7304-MSC-100         01.01       00.27     00.27     00.27

* - Card needs an FPGA update
# - Card needs to be reloaded for the new FPGA to take effect

Shared Port Adapter information:
Slot/Subslot  SPA Type            Status          Insertion time
------------  --------            ------          --------------
4/0           2xGE SPA            ok              27w2d ago
4/1           not present         missing         never
5/0           1xOC12 POS SPA      ok              47w4d ago
5/1           not present         missing         never

Port Adapter Information
Slot      PA Type             Status          Insertion time
----      ---------           ------          --------------
2         PA-2T3+             Active          47w4d ago

Based on the output above my quetion is the above output shows that the NSE100 card in slot 0 needs an FPGA update by have (*) next to the card!

Can you please correct if i'm wrong by saying that If the FPGA versions of the Active NSE in slot0 do not match and the NSE is slot 1 and failover to the standby NSE, then we could experience problem and we may be required to upgrade the FPGAs on the standby NSE?

Also i understand that thw FPGA is just a memory built in on hardware for the C7300)


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Giuseppe Larosa Wed, 03/24/2010 - 12:02
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Hello Francisco,

an FPGA is a Field Programmable Gate Array in other words logic circuits that can be  programmed and updated.

It is not a memory.

They are part of a form of HW assisted forwarding for this specific type of processor so they are important.

As you noted they need to be in sync between the two NSE-100 network processors.

This makes this platform to stand in the middle between SW based routers and multilayer switches (that use ASIC chips that cannot be updated via software as FPGA)



Hope to help



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