why eigrp routes are preferred over RIP2 ,what is workaround to make RIP 2 router /24 prefer over eigrp /32 route

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Mar 25th, 2010
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why eigrp routes are preferred over RIP2 ,what is workaround to make RIP 2 routes /24 prefer over eigrp /32 route, do anyone has any suggestion, please send us.thank you

Please let us know if its possible.



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milan.kulik Thu, 03/25/2010 - 09:28
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EIGRP has better administrative distance than RIP by default.

There's no way how to make any /24 route prefer over any /32 route - longest match always wins.



lamav Thu, 03/25/2010 - 09:54
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Sanjeev, Milan is right. Your RIPv2 route loses on both counts.

In destination-based routing, a router will prefer a route in the routing table that has the longest prefix length match. So, if you want to route to destination network and you have a route to and another to, the /24 will win, regardless of what the routing protocol is at the source of this information.

If the router has 2 comparable routes (by comparable, I mean 2 routes with the same prefix length), the routing protocol with the lower administrative distance will win.

And, just to finish the thought, although this part doesnt pertain to your question, if the router has 2 comparable routes from the same routing protocol, it will use the one with the better metric -- lower cost, fewer hops, etc.

So, in your case, your RIP route loses on both counts: prefix length and administrative distance.

If you need to override the /32 EIGRP route and use another path, you can take the prefix length and administrative distance factors out of the equation by using policy-based routing, or source-address based routing. This is done through the use or route-maps.




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