CUCCX 5.0(2) Personal Line Question

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Mar 25th, 2010


I'm running CUCCX 5.0(2) and want to give our call center users a personal line and an IPCC line on their phones.   The problem I'm running into is that when the agent is on a their personal line and a call center call comes in, the call is presented to the IPCC line.   Is there a way make the agent's phone show as busy when on their personal line so IPCCX does not present the call until the personal line is finished?   I thought there was a way to do this in the enterprise product but want to know if it can be done in Express.



I have this problem too.
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It's not possible in Enterprise unless you get 8.0 which has just been released. It has a set of features Cisco call "Multi-Line Phone".

At contact centers with two lines (a CC line and a personal line), the agents must obey three simple rules:

1. Go not ready before placing an outbound call on your personal line.

2. If a call arrives on your personal line and you are free, go not ready before answering.

3. If you are on a CC call and a call arives on your personal line, let it ring out and go to voice mail.

End of story.




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