Scott Fella Thu, 03/25/2010 - 20:38
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Well...2.4Ghz Data survey in 802.11N... you don't want to enable 'N' in the 2.4ghz since you only have three channels (1,6,11) to choose from.  To enable 802.11N you would need to use 40mhz channel width and that take two channels (1&6 or 6&11).  Enable 'N' only on the 5ghz unless you only have one AP.

Survey wise.... I suggest survey it as a normal 2.4ghz data survey as for 5ghz.  My opinion:)

Here is a link to a thread:

Peter Nugent Sat, 03/27/2010 - 10:43
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bYou can use N on 2.4GHz. You will have to use AES encryption or open SSID, 5.0 GHz channel bonding is to give 40MHz wide channels and double the data rate, plus a little as it can reuse the edge frequecies.

Basically you have upto MCS15 144Mbps at the top end per channel, don't bond 2.4GHz as there are not enogh non overlapping channels.

As for the low end it all depends. I would certainly disable the 802.11b data rates as a minimum but that means you still have very large cells and potential for interference. generally I would look at 24Mbps and switch everything off below that especially if you have very few 802.11b clients.


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