restrict calls out to two extensions?

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Mar 29th, 2010

I need to setup a 7911 IP Phone by our front door so when the reception is out and the front door is locked visitors can pick up the phone and dial one of two extensions to reach somebody to let them in. Is this possible? I am using Call Manager

I have this problem too.
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kencranmer Mon, 03/29/2010 - 10:27

Affraid that went flying over my head can you tell me where I would configure both

of those. I should have prefaced my first post with "I have very little to no experience co

nfiguring Cisco 'anything'"

Jaime Valencia Mon, 03/29/2010 - 11:41

OK, if you're going to deal with CUCM i strongly recommend you to read at least this:

Building Classes of Service for Unified CM

Partitions and CSS are basic building blocks in CUCM.

I'll assume those 2 phones are already in 1 partition and CSS/partitions are already in place. I'll say they're 1000 and 1001 for the example.

Create a new partition -> css_middle_man

The TP pattern will be something else: let's say 200[01] (that's a regex so it will match 2000 and 2001)

partition -> css_middle_man

CSS -> i'll assume you already have one that allows to reach internal phones (1000 and 1001), let's say CSS_internal

Called Party Transform Mask -> 1XXX (this changes the 1st digit for 1 and leaves the rest as is)

For the phone that you want to reach only those 2 phones create a new CSS that only contains css_middle_man.

The other method is to put the 2 phones you want on that new partitions and modify all the necessary CSSs you have so they can reach the phones. The phone you want to only reach those 2 phones should have a CSS with just that new partitions

EDIT: actually you should start reading this one:

Calling Privileges in Unified CM



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kencranmer Thu, 04/01/2010 - 06:51

How about just restricting calling out on the phone and only allowing inside calls to extensions? That sounds like it would be easier than trying to do what I originally planned.

rob.huffman Thu, 04/01/2010 - 07:07

Hey ken,

Just to add another option to the great ideas from Java (+5 Java!)

I like your new idea, it's always a good practice to have an "Internal Only"

CSS-Calling Search Space setup on CUCM. You'd be surprised how often

this CSS is used, especially for CFWDALL restrictions. One other thought

here is that if the two phones that you want the "door phone" to access have

spare a Line Button available you could use a "Hotdial' config. Setup a new Shared

Line on the spare buttons (let's say DN 4444) and have the Door Phone dial 4444

as soon as the handset is picked up. No dialing required

The step by step directions in this guide are very good

Hotdial on IP Phones with CallManager Configuration Example

Hope this helps!


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CHRIS CHARLEBOIS Thu, 04/01/2010 - 08:39

This may be further down the rabbit hole than you want to go, but there are solutions designed for door phone usage that allow the internal phone to use the dial-pad to trigger the door to open/unlock, allowing remote access.  We have set up this solution with PLAR (the Hotdial option described above).


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