UC520/40/60 CUE GB Language Install How-To

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Mar 31st, 2010
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Hi All,

I have been experimenting on how to get a GB (English) install done from scratch without having to do a second install and get the GB language operational from the word go, some might already know this but have not provided this information on here for others to see, so I hope this is useful to you.

This is applicable for Software Pack 8.0.2 and has been tested to work on a UC520/540 (560 has not been tested yet as I done have one to test with :))

NOTE: Tested with Windows 7 and Vista environments, I havent tried it in XP yet. DO NOT do this without backing up first the appliance in which you will be performing this on, and also the original software packs.


  • Download the 8.0.2 Software pack and lace it in your desired location
  • Download the following files (Please make sure it is the right one for your device)

    cue-vm-en_GB-langpack.uc500.7.1.3.prt1 (This is suitable for the 520/540 appliance)
    cue-vm-en_GB-langpack.uc560.7.1.3.prt1 (As the file states this is for the UC560 appliance)

  • Place the above files in their appropriate directory you have created for each software pack
  • Double Click on the software pack to open it (DO NOT UNZIP IT)

       Copy (DO NOT CUT) the SCUE folder and place it back in the root directory (The location before you opened up the software pack)

  • Locate the appropriate language pack and copy it (Do not cut)
  • Double click on the SCUE zip file and wait for it to open up
  • Copy the language pack ito the folder, If it is using the default windows ZIP utility it will just look like a normal copy screen and advise you that it is compressing the file into the folder.
  • Now copy (Not Cut) the SCUE zip folder back into the 8.0.2 Software pack
  • If no errors then it was a success

CCA upgrade procedure:

  • Open up CCA version 2.2.2 (Make sure it is this version and not version 2.2.1)
  • Wait for CCA to finish it's analyzing of the Voice component of the system, if you are impatient and try to upgrade whilst it is doing this you will hit some major hurdles, give it upto 2 minutes maybe more if it is a fresh boot of the appliance
  • Click on software upgrades
  • Choose "All" or "CUE" upgrade path
  • Choose UK (GB) language
  • If CCA has no problems reading the folders it should allow you to continue to upgrade and it will detect that the software pack (especially the SCUE zip pack) contains the GB language folder

I have put this through various tests as I was sick of doing upgrades to only have to do a second one imediatly after to get the CUE on the GB language pack, I had to work out a way to reduce a further hour of system initialization and put that hour back into configuration. I still do not know why Cisco do not place the most commonly used language files into the software packs, i guess they worry about size of the file system?? But none-the-less it is a fools errand to think that every install will be US based language system, certainly not here in Australia where they have no idea what "Pound" is and use the "Hash" description ;)

I trust this setup works for you and helps you to upgrade the systems to the right language file and have a smooth upgrade as well. I do point out though, that i can not guarantee this setup will work for you, I guess every system has it's own environment and quirks, what may work fine on my system may not work well on yours, so I urge you to make sure you do backups of the software packs and also your system before proceeding.



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