snmp traps on switchport security violation

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Mar 31st, 2010
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I configured switch interface to switchport security in sticky mode with violation is restricted. The snmp traps are continously sending to log server if violation occur. I want to fix the snmp trap only one time if any violation in mac-address. Any suggestion???



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I am not sure I understand the question.

From what I understand you have the following assigned to an interface:

switchport port-security mac-address sticky

switchport port-security violation restrict

(some sort of snmp trap command)

You currently are recieving snmp trap alerts more frequently then you want.  If this is correct check out this link:

If you still have questions let us know and good luck.

Shaikh Aman Uddin Thu, 04/08/2010 - 22:25
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Dear Friends,

thanks for the response, Actually I have resolved the issue, by using the command switchport port-security violation shutdown

Once you apply this command, cisco document shows that it also generate the snmp trap for the violation occur, but after the port shuts down, there will be no trap again received on the syslog server since the interface is shutdown and unable to send any trap......

Once one snmp trap is received on the syslog............. I get this resolved by applying this command.. !!!



Tom Bowles Wed, 06/11/2014 - 09:00
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I know this is a late reply but you have to make sure to enable trap messages specifically for port-security in the snmp-server config:

snmp-server enable traps port-security


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