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Apr 1st, 2010


I need to research a way to initiate IP phone to make two calls and switch them. So it’s like a conference call. And of course I mean that I need to do it remotely (from my desktop).

Can I do it with a) WebDialer service or b) IP phone remote control with IP phone SDK. Probably you can suggest any other way to realize it.

CallManager version is 4.1. The user with associated phone is registered on CCM.

Thanks in advance with any help.

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Aaron Harrison Thu, 04/01/2010 - 04:19


As far as I'm aware webdialer just dials... not much more.

TAPI will allow you to instigate conferences, as would JTAPI.



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pbaleshenko Thu, 04/01/2010 - 04:46


Thanks for your answer.

I will look for it. I'm not familiar with JTAPI yet closely.

Can I control my phone with JTAPI knowing only my login/password for my user record at CCM (without administrative access)?

Also I found the program Remote Control ( Have you any idea how does it work? It's communicating with IP phone via its Web server and it's exchanging the XML-data with it.

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Aaron Harrison Thu, 04/01/2010 - 05:37


For JTAPI or TAPI you need two things:

- Your account must be associated with your handset (done by the CCM admin)

- Your account must be a member of the Standard CTI Enabled user group, again done by the CCM Admin

The VOIPIntegration tool basically sends XML instructions to the phone (basically 'press key 1, press key 'services', etc). Each time you send it an instruction, it grabs a screenshot of the handset using this URL that you can browse to:


If you put in your CCM user and password (not PIN), and your phone is associated to the handset, you should get a screen grab of the phone.

The VOIP integration tool should work with your normal CCM user and password as well - as the phones don't support HTTPS, you can capture the traffic from your PC to the phone and see what is actually going on with Wireshark. See the screen grab for an example of the type of call it makes...

The IP phone SDK is documented at this URL, goes into detail about the various things you can do... VOIP Int remote control mainly uses the 'CiscoIPPhoneExecute' object:

Hope this helps




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