Ganesh Hariharan Thu, 04/01/2010 - 05:56
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A L3 request from a host1 to host2 on the same VLAN, does the request get forwarded to the default gateway at all?

Or straight to host2?


First of all if both the host are in same vlan then no require for gateway for communication as it will send directly to the host in the same segment and if you want to cmmunicate to different subnet you need to have gateway configured.

Hope to help !!


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lamav Thu, 04/01/2010 - 06:29
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Your question has to do with understanding some basic TCP/IP concepts.

When a host is configured with an IP address and subnet mask, it performs a logical AND operation using the bits of the IP address and the bits of the corresponding subnet mask. In doing so, the host concludes which host address are part of its local LAN segment.

The host uses this information to determine which MAC address to place in the Layer 2 header's destination address field. If it determines that the destination host is local, it will place the destination host's MAC address in the destination address field (assuming it knows it, otherwise it will have to ARP for it). If, on the other hand, it determines that the destination host is on another LAN segment, it will place its default gateway's MAC address in the destination address field of the layer 2 header and the packet will be forwarded by the switch accordingly.




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