VPN possible with RVS4000 behind a D-Link DGL 4300?

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Apr 1st, 2010
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Hi everyone,

2 days ago, I purchased a Cisco RVS-4000 VPN gateway router to satisfy my secure telecommuting needs mandated by my company.  It is currently setup as a gateway behind a DLINK DGL-4300 router which is connected to the WAN connection of my cable modem.  The RVS4000 connects to the DLINk router using the LAN port.  The WAN port on the RVS4000 is not connected to anything.  The Dlink has a static WAN ip and a static LAN ip of  The RVS4000 has a static LAN ip of  The RVS4000 has its LAN DHCP disabled.  The RVS4000 is the main switch for the entire LAN network of mine as the web server, sftp server, VNC and specialized image server all sit behind it.  Internet works.  I can browse out to the internet and outside machines can connect to my servers (website, sftp, VNC server and image server).  The plan is to eventually establish a VPN connection between my MAC on an outside internet line into my VNC server at home via IPSec. 

Unfortunately though, the VPN part does not.

Granted I'm not an expert on this, but what I like to do first is to establish a local LAN to LAN VPN connection to ensure that the VPN router is working as it should be.  I use IP Securitas on the MAC OSX 10.5 to establish an IPSec connection, but everytime I try to access the VPN on the RVS4000 through from my MAC with a LAN ip of, it keeps saying that it is unable to establish Phase 1 and times out.  Is it possible to connect a local MAC computer to the RVS4000 acting as a gateway and VPN?

I even tried using only the RVS-4000 as a router without the DLINK in place and still I can't make the local VPN connection going.

I welcome your help, comments and IPSec settings recommendations.

Thank you,


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