EEM - puts action fails in EEM applet/script when called via HTTP

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I have an EEM script which produces some diagnostic output.  The script is written to be initiated by "event manager run" and is running in sync mode.  Script uses "puts" into stdout to produce the output.  Everything is working fine, except when script is initiated via HTTP/HTTPS I get no output.

To reproduce the issue I have created the following applet:

event manager applet TEST1
event none sync yes
action 1 puts nonewline "SOMETEXT"

Here is output from command line (tested from console and telnet):

router#event manager run TEST1

When applet is called via HTTP using http://router/level/15/exec/-/event/manager/run/TEST1/CR URL the output is empty.  The test message goes to the console versus to HTTP reply.

So it looks like the stdout is not redirected to HTTP session successfully.

Any advice on why it is happening, or better yet how to fix it would be apprecaited.

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Sat, 04/03/2010 - 11:04

This was probably never tested.  I can confirm this is not working in 15.0(1)M, so it is probably a new bug.


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