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Apr 2nd, 2010

Is there a method for accessing the DCR direct?  other than through LMS CS???

I want to see if there is a way to enter an ENABLE username directly in the DCR since there doesnt appear to be a method within CS's...


I have this problem too.
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Bruce Summers Sat, 04/03/2010 - 13:28

thansk for the reply...

the device isnt actually prompting for a username when entering enable mode.  example:  if i log into a device, type in "en" it prompts for the password...but when i run the config archive, it errors out with an error of

"enable username is missing"


yjdabear Sat, 04/03/2010 - 19:07

Can you clarify whether you use the same set of credentials (username/password) when you log into the device as what the DCR has for it?

According to one of your earlier posts, it appears you've found the "fix" which is to configure "aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ if-authenticated".

Bruce Summers Sun, 04/04/2010 - 04:39


same password...But again, the error I'm getting indicates the enable "username" is missing, not the password.  I'm just not sure why its erroring with this...

The work around I used was to add that "aaa authorization exec" command on the switches...While this works, I just wanted to further investigate if I have to use that, or is there a method to correct this missing username within CW...


Joe Clarke Sun, 04/04/2010 - 12:08

This error is a red herring.  It signifies that something is wrong in the CLI output RME sees when it tries to enable itself.  You should connect to this device using SSH from the RME server, and login using the exact same credentials which are in DCR.  If you are unsure as to EXACTLY what they are, do a DCR export to CSV.

Once you login, enable yourself (again, using the same enable password which is in DCR).  Then run "show privilege".  Post the output of the entire session.


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